7th grade level reading help



I have a 29 year old nephew that was pushed through school and socially promoted, because he was a problem child. He can read at about a 7th grade level, but I am not exactly sure off his reading level, so I want to know that the programs will not be to easy for him.

Do you have a system that progresses through the middle and high school levels and won’t set me back a ton of money? Do you have an exchange policy if he was too advanced for the middle school level or possibly a reading test that determines the level before buying a system?



I would recommend that your nephew get the Intermediate Skills Pack, which is aimed at 6-8 grade level, or the Language Arts Bundle for College Prep, which is aimed at the 9-12 grade levels.

I suggest that you download demos of these programs by visiting each products page in the products section of the Merit web site. Select “Try It”” from right hand column of the product page. You will be take to the download links for that program. Have your nephew try the demos to make sure the program is at the appropriate level.

7th grade level reading help
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