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Answers: Adult Education

GED Software for teen moms.
I teach in the Even Start program--a program for teen moms and their babies. These moms have not been successful in the traditional school setting. We are trying to prepare these moms to enter either college or the workforce and become productive citizens. Some may attain the goal of passing the... read more

Need to improve my writing and speaking skills
I'm an foreign-speaking engineering student planning on attending a M.S. program and need to improve my writing and speaking skills. What writing software do you... read more

Native American Student who have never read a book.
Native American Students at a Tribal school on an Indian reservation. Low motivation to read. Many students have never read a... read more

GED Study Guide Software
At the present time we operate a full time GED lab. The clients that we serve have been removed from the traditional school setting for some time. We are currently running into tons of basic skills deficiencies. Especially in the math areas. Any help would be... read more

Adults with Poor Vocabulary
I'm 20 years old doing job and also stuffing in BCS. My vocabulary is very week.Please help in this... read more

Need help with GED math
I passed the GED test, except the math failed 20 points. Can you help... read more

I'm a 46 yr. old college student and I'm struggling with Pre-Algebra - Can you help?
I'm a 46 yr. old college student that is taking a remedial math course (Pre-algebra)to prepare me to take a required college algebra course. I'm really struggling with the course material. I may even have a learning disability when it comes to math. Can your software help me get a working... read more

University student with poor comprehension and writing skills.
I am currently a third-year student at a four-year university. I would like to improve my comprehension and essay writing. As a student with poor reading and writing skills it takes twice as long to complete assignments. I was hoping a program like this may help with assignment time. Thank... read more

How can I improve my vocabulary and remember the words I learn?
Hi! I am a college student I came to the USA just one year. I have many problems with my vocabulary. I wonder how can I improve and remember the words that when you ever saw the words! Thank you!... read more

Firm based out of India - need grammar software for adults.
I am working as a Training Consultant with a Firm based out of India. We train BPO's on communications and effective articulation. We generally face a problem with rocky grammar. Would like to know if your product can help... read more

Faster than the writing center, get help with merit
I'm wondering if you can help me out. I'd like to get a software that can help me with all of the English writing areas such grammars, structures, etc. when I'm writing essays. I'd also like this software to help me improve or give me suggestions on what to change to improve my writing. I've... read more

New Center for Adult Reading and Writing - Which products do you recommend?
Hello. I am one of the founders of a new adult literacy center. The main purpose of our center is to take adults who have been out of the workforce and help them become employable again. Which of your products would you recommend for... read more

Correcting Vocabulary in Adults
I am a 41 yrs old American man and would like to correct and stop myself from using improper... read more

English Language Learning Software Help
I am french and I moved in the US last december. I would like to improve my english (vocabulary and grammar). Please could you give me some add information about a program for... read more

English Writing Help for Adults
I am looking for help with my english writing. Paragraphs and essays are... read more

Still Interested in Reading Better
I'm an grandfather who is still interested to learn a little something! Can you help me with... read more

Help with Essay thesis.
I need help writing a thesis statement for an essay. Do you have any ways to help me? My English is not so good.... read more

Software for Professional Writing.
My student wishes to perform analysis type work for the government. There's a need to quickly compose tightly written paragraphs free from such things as preposition & article misuse. Even with years of self study and occasional evening college courses, the student's problem areas persist, much... read more

I want to increase my English knowledge
Want to increse my English knowledge in writing side. What do you have that can help... read more

Failed math orientation test
Failed initial oriontation math-test enterance exam- for commercial Driver License training at West Seattle Community... read more

Practice with essay writing
need practice on make... read more

Help improving English and Vocabulary
Sir / Madam In fact I am the Student. I have left school 15 years ago. I want to improve my English Language and Vocabulary. I am looking forward to have a better career. . I hope you would help me. Thanking... read more

Parent need some guideline on reading comprehension.
parent need some guideline on reading comprehension.... read more

Need help writing a narrative essay.
Help! Need help writing an narrating essay! Topic! about arrange marriage.... read more

Writer lacks basic grammar skills
I'm a writer and need to go back to the basics of grammar. I've been out of school for a while, and I need to refresh my... read more

Program to help adult learn basic grammar
I'm an adult and my grammar is below college level. I feel I need to start from the beginning (maybe 3rd thru 12th grade). I have trouble with the basics: nouns, pronouns, verbs. I also have trouble using them in a sentence,... read more

Help writing a paragraph
I need help with doing a paragraph for school. My English is not very good. Can you help... read more

Grammar and writing -- please help!!
I am very lost when it comes to grammar and writing. Its just seems that I can't get it together or make any sense when it comes to grammar and therefore my writing is awful!! Please... read more

Grammar help for adults.
I'm currently connected with the government agency, and at the same time as a part time educator. I'm always reluctant to express my idea to my peers because of fear of being rediculed because of wrong grammar.... read more

i need help with my essay
I need help with my... read more

Need help with spelling
I would like to know about programs to help me improve my... read more

Trouble Writing a Comparison and Contrast Essay
I am writing a comparison/contrast essay. I am having trouble with the inro, and conclusion. Can you help... read more

Adult student seeks to improve reading comprehension
I would like to read faster without reading over and over to get the full message of what I just read. I want to be able to read a document without reading double and I would like to be able to tell you what I just read. I would like to learn the strategies. I have to give summary reports on... read more

Learning to write business correspondence
I want to learn to write all types of business correspondence. For example, I want to write notes to workers, request materials, make reports, and daily reports... read more

Essay Tutorial needed
The student is a final year student of BSC Psychology. She has a problem in writing essays on given Topics. She does not know how to start and what to write? She is of Indian origin and studying in UK university. Now she has to write an essay on "Childhood obesity" which she finds difficult. Pls.... read more

Tutorial to improve writing and grammar
I am a college graduate student. However, I need to improve my english grammar such as pas, present and future tense. I need to be able to organize better my ideas in a clear and consice manner. I am an accountant. I need a tutorial to improve my writting. Thanks for any... read more

Need a Math Tutorial
Hi Im an adult who intends to go back to college but I need a math tutorial to help me brush up on my math skills. I haven't taken math in years and I don't even remember fractions or percentages. What program do you... read more

Trouble with reading and sounding out words

Programs for adults with poor vocabulary and speaking skills.
My husband has very poor vocabulary and speaking skills. One would wonder that he ever graduated high school - double negatives, incorrect verbage. He was raised in California, but speaks as though he were a Redneck! Is there such a program that can change bad speaking... read more

Brushing up on grammar skills
I am the student I am 44 years old and have always worked in accounting. I need to brush up my grammar... read more

Having difficulty in comprehending my reading material for work and school
I am having difficulty in comprehending my reading material for work and school. My problems are hurting me in trying to get my degree. Can you help... read more

Five paragraph essay help
They are very good in Grammar and Reading, but need to improve their writing skills to write a five paragraph... read more

Writing a good essay
I've been studying English for two years. I would like to be able to write a good... read more

Need help doing fractions quickly
I'm going to take my pre-ged test and I havent dealt with any real math problems in years. I know how to make change and all the other stuff but I really don't remember too much about fractions or too much past that. Thanks for anything or any help.... read more

Need help understanding big words
trying to pass ged reading test. need help in understanding big... read more

Researching product to improve my grammar
I am not a student. I am researching product that will help me inprove my... read more

Has a hard time understanding what is being read
Student did not graduate from H.S. Been out of school for about 15 years, knows how to read words but sometimes has a hard time understanding what is being read. Thank... read more

Writing an essay for the GED
I am going to take the ged test and ned to lern how to right an essay I am the... read more

GED Essay Program help
I am in my thirties and I need help writing and essay for the GED. Do you have any programs that help with essay writing for my... read more

Writing for the learning disabled
To whom this may concern: Hello, I am 55 years old and have a learning disability. I lack of reading and writing education and have trouble knowing when to start new paragraphs. Do you have software that can help improve my writing... read more

Want English teaching software with voice
I want the English teaching software with the voice. Can you help... read more

How to start to write an essay
I don't know how to start to write an essay. Please help... read more

Adults that want to finish their B.A.
Adults that want to finish their B.A. Because of prior lifestyle arrangements could not finish their BA and now are desperately wanting to... read more

Individual algebra help
I need individual help with algebra for ged... read more

7th grade level reading help
I have a 29 year old nephew that was pushed through school and socially promoted, because he was a problem child. He can read at about a 7th grade level, but I am not exactly sure off his reading level, so I want to know that the programs will not be to easy for him. Do you have a system that... read more

Basic Algebra Help
I am 33 years old and I need help with basic algebra. I did not take any in high school and now my job requires me to take a test that has some basic algebra including simultaneous equations. Please let me know which program could help... read more

IELTS preparation
I'm going to take the IELTS examination next month and want to improve my writing... read more

Online TOEFL essay writing practice
I'm searching for online toefl essay writing practice so that I can improve in areas where ever I am supposed to.... read more

English Skills for University
I want to apply for University, so it requires my English skill especially in writing. That is the reason that I want to improve my... read more

Help writing an essay
I need help with my writing an essay. Any suggestions or... read more

Need to pass GED math test
I need to pass my math test in order to get my GED. I have done the test three times and I didn't pass... read more

Help with writing class
adult continuing education and taking a writing class... read more

GED writing help
I took my GED test, and I passed everything except the writing part. How can you help me or what do you... read more

Improve English grammar
I would like to improve on my English grammar. Can your programs be used by people who are self-learners and who are not in... read more

Problem spelling and sounding out words.
I'm 24 years old with a reading problem. I can read pretty good. My problem is sounding out words and spelling words. Is there anything I can do to improve my reading and spelling... read more

Trying to improve my spelling and reading skills
I am trying to find something to help me improve my spelling and reading... read more

Having problems starting an essay and developing a whole.
I'm a teacher and my students are having problems starting an essay and developing a... read more

incarcerated students need help with reading and math
Our students are incarcerated in a county facility. Age spans from age 18 - 70 years. We have an educational program - computerized as supplement. Looking for additional ways to improve individualized instruction in reading and math. Do you have materials for this particular... read more

Having Problems With Writing
I am having problems in writing, because I am Lithuanian all the time I write what I think not what I should write like (English... read more

English Learning Software
I need something to help me learn English better. I can speak and listen okay. Most of the help I need is with grammar and writing. Can your English learning software help... read more

Interactive Grammar Exercises for Adults
Do you have any interactive English grammar exercises for adult... read more

Need Grammar Games!
I am new to teaching and still trying to get the swing of things. I know that not everything about learning a language can be fun, but I try to stick to the motto learning is fun! I am looking for more games to play in my classes, specifically toward studying English grammar. Any... read more

Grammar Games for Adults
I am looking for grammar games specifically for adults. Any... read more

Returning to College, Need Grammar Help
I took a leave of absence from college due to family circumstances. Before I return I would like to brush up on my grammar skills. How can you help... read more

How to improve brain power in older adults
I am looking for ways to improve brain power in older adults. How can you help... read more

How to write a beginning paragraph
I don't get how to write a beginning... read more

Freshman in college having difficulties with reading comprehension
My daughter is a freshman in college and she is having difficulties with her reading comprehension. She has to do a lot of reading and I want her to do... read more

How to Return to College with Bad Grades
I took some time off from college after getting bad grades. I want to try again but I don't have a lot of money. I am looking at ways to get ready for the reading and writing I'll need to do in college. Can you help me?... read more

How to Help Returning Students Write Better
I'm 30 years old and returning to school. I need to write better. How can you help... read more

30 Something Student Going Back to College
Hi, I am a 30 something student going back to college. I am concerned the amount of reading and writing required to succeed will be a shock to the system. How can you help me... read more

First Generation College Student Needs Writing Help
Hi, I am a first generation college student who needs help with my writing and reading inference/vocabulary skills. English is not my first language. How can you help... read more

Latino College Success
Looking for ways to improve Latino success in college. Need to boost students English writing and grammar... read more

Looking for self-paced GED help
We run a GED program. Clients we serve have been out of school for a long time. We are seeing lots of deficits in basic skills. Math and writing are big problem areas. How can you... read more

Drug and Rehab Center Looking for Self-Directed Learning Materials
I run a learning lab at a drug and rehabilitation center. The center just got a grant to purchase new computers. It needs new software too. Our clients have a wide range of academic skill deficiencies. Several are high school graduates who need to get back into the workforce. Their academic... read more

Need Better Way to Boost College Writing Skills
Many of my students are Hispanic and are among the first in their families to go to college. Plus, over 20% of the class are students from either the Middle East or China. Our college is looking for a better way to improve first year writing skills. We want a tool that students can use... read more

Accuplacer Reading Help
Working with several students who need to retake the Accuplacer reading test at our college. Do you have practice materials we can use to help them? Must cover a wide range of content and reading... read more

Accuplacer Sentence Skills and Essay Writing Practice
We are dealing with many students who have trouble passing the Accuplacer sentence skills and essay writing tests. We want to provide a useful way students can practice their skills. Can you help... read more

Accuplacer Essay Practice
We work with many students who need to practice their essays to pass the Accuplacer writing test. What do you have that can help... read more

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