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Merit Question and Answer
Best elementary school reading program


Area of Concern: Reading Comprehension

Submitted by: Teacher

Grade Level: Elementary School

Competency: At Level

I am trying to design an ideal elementary school reading program for a class. Money is not a problem. This is for an urban district, which is where I work. What do you have that would be most effective?

At this point, struggling readers are pulled out for reading recovery, Reading 180 and other purchased programs. I do not see that this is working. However, I need to design this for the entire school and not just struggling readers.



Based on your description, Book Punch is ideal for you. It guides students through the writing process using interactive prompts to focus thinking about a particular book.

Students use Book Punch to gather ideas, organize their thoughts, compose sentences, revise, edit and publish responses to a work of literature.

All of the books covered in Book Punch are commonly read in schools today. Books may be assigned to a whole class or to each pupil’s individual reading level.

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