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Can’t Wait for Reading Assessment Results. Need Help Now.


Area of Concern: Reading Comprehension

Submitted by: Teacher

Grade Level: High School

Competency: At Level

Our students have trouble with reading comprehension – reading stories and understanding what they’re about…not just the younger kids but high school students and even the adults that I teach at a local college. My goal is to have some way to help them with their literacy skills instead of having wait to get NWEA testing results that tell me that they are going to fail the language arts and reading sections anyway. How can you help me?



Many educators in your position have used Merit reading comprehension programs successfully.

Our best programs for this purpose are Reading Comprehension Booster and Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Effective Reading. They are both self-paced and self-advancing.

Students work with exercises to determine main idea, make inferences and draw conclusions.

Context-clues and immediate responses support students while they work. All student data is automatically tracked. Educators may get real-time student reports through an easy-to-use management system.

Reading Comprehension Booster is for reading levels 3.0 to 5.0. Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Effective Reading is for reading levels 5.0 to 11.0.

Both programs are suitable for grade school through adult learners.

Merit Software's Solutions lists many more programs can help with your educational success. For a complete list, please visit Merit Solutions.

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