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Merit Question and Answer
Child with emotional problems-will your products help?


Area of Concern: Help with all Subjects

Submitted by: Parent

Grade Level: High School

Competency: Below Level

Hi. My daughter suffers from clinic depression and has low self esteem issues- this reflects on her schooling of course. She is a freshmen in high school and is behind on EVERYTHING. She has low motivation and tutors don’t seem to help her much. Can your products help? If so, what do you recommend? Thank you so much for your help.



Thank you for contacting us. I believe that your daughter will really benefit from using our products.

Of most importance to you is the fact that our programs build children’s self-confidence. After using our software students see their strengths and weaknesses in a non-judgmental manner and accept responsibility for the challenge of improving their skills. Students also enjoy seeing their scores increase as the master the material.

Since your daughter needs help throughout the curriculum I recommend that you purchase our Intermediate Skills Pack bundle. It offers Reading/Vocabulary, Writing/Grammar and the mathematics curriculum at a discounted price.

Good luck!

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