Classroom Reading Intervention Needed


Area of Concern: Reading Comprehension

Submitted by: Teacher

Grade Level: Elementary School

Competency: Below Level

This year I have several students who need lots of help with reading comprehension.

Since primary, the students were taught text to self, text, and the world, main idea and details, as well as a number of reading techniques – predict, reread, ask questions, etc. Yet, their state testing scores were low, as well as their current reading scores in my classroom.

These students do not qualify for Special Resource help and we do not have reading programs for struggling 4th and 5th graders.

I have reader’s workshop, chapter/novel book study, nonfiction study, and later in the year, book clubs.

I really have my work cut out for me this year and I feel a bit overwhelmed. Do you have any suggestions that would help me plan an intervention in my classroom for my students?



It sounds like your students need intensive, in-school reading practice. If so, then Merit’s reading comprehension and vocabulary activities can help you.

Merit’s most popular programs for this purpose at the upper elementary level are Reading Skill Builder and Confused Words Fix-Up.

Reading Skill Builder is a comprehension and assessment program. It finds gaps and provides instruction in specific reading skills to help develop adept, capable readers.

Confused Words Fix-Up helps students learn to recognize and correct common errors in word usage.

Built-in tracking makes it easy to monitor pupil progress. Plus, both programs are 100% web-based and very easy for teachers to learn to use.

Classroom Reading Intervention Needed
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