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Answers: College

Need to Improve My Grammar Skills
I am writing to find a way to improve my writing and grammmar... read more

Having Difficulty Putting Ideas on Paper
I am having problems putting my ideas on paper and writing an essay. Can you help me get... read more

Eager student loves to read but has trouble with writing.
I work with a very diligent student. She has been learning English for almost ten years. She loves to read all kinds books and magazines. For some reason, she had hard time writing. She can write simple sentences. she is eager to improve her writing skills and wants to write... read more

Help with writing and reading comprehension.
I am having problem putting my idea on paoer and how to organize paragraph.can you help me. the second thing is a reading for understanding it make me confused when I read .I hop you will help... read more

Materials for Essay and Paragraph Writing
Two requests: essay and paragraph materials for ESL students at an intermediate and high intermediate level. Mathematics for my son who is going into Grade 11 in Canada. ... read more

Need help starting to write
I dont know how to write or start writing. I make a lot of errors in my... read more

Weak Vocabulary
I'm preparing for an m.b.a. and my English vocab is very weak. Can you send me some tips for learning vocabulary and exercises for... read more

Reading program for college placement test
My daughter just took her placement tests for college. She did well in math, sentence structure, and essay. She needed a 78 in reading comprehension but got a 51. Do you have a general reading comprehension program for her age... read more

Essay writing and run-on sentences help
I am a college students and having problem with essay and runon... read more

I want a grammar refresher course and I am a college graduate
I dont' have students ... this is for myself. I want a grammar refresher course and I am a college... read more

I Need Help With College Algebra
I have taken college algebra at least 5 times, all 5 times I have failed the class, I need help, it has stopped me from continuing my... read more

College writing prompts
I attend college, and want to be a teacher. At the present moment, I'm taking intro to essay writing. It is very hard for me to do a thesis statement. I understand what needs to be done, but I can't put all the ideas... read more

Adult student wants to start with basic writing and grammar lessons
I want to improve my writing, and english grammar skills. English is the only language I speak, and I want to have a better understanding of the language. I find myself using improper grammar. I also want to understand the proper way to write a sentence. Basically, I want to start all over as... read more

Freshman in English 101 needs help with essays
I'm a freshman in college taking Eng 101. I need help in writing essays. I really need help writing effective thesis statments to the... read more

Community college student is struggling with essay writing
I am in community college and I am struggling with writing a paper. I need a lot of help with my essay writing. Please... read more

Can't figure out how to start writing an essay
I'm taking english 101 and I can't figure out how to start writing an... read more

Struggling with Paragraph Writing
Struggling with paragraph writing and remembering the definitions of prepositions verbs... read more

I'm having problems writing a good essay.
I 'm having problems writing a good essay paper and a good paragraphs. I have alot of awkward sentences and run-on error in my paragraphs. Is there any... read more

English second language student needs grammar help
I am an English a scond language stiudent. I need grammar and writing... read more

How to begin an essay
My college writing assignment is to write an essay about a personal experiece with reading. I know of my experience, I just don't know how to begin the... read more

Poor Engish vocabulary
Due to my poor English knowledge I cannot present myself to my full extent in an interview. That's why I am requesting you to help me with my... read more

Severe reading comprehension problem
I am an adult 29 in nursing program. I have a severe reading comprehension problem. I do horrible in tests because I don't understand the and I tend to pick the wrong answer. Do you have a program for... read more

Community college grammar help
I graduate from Community College in May and I have struggled with grammar in my college and worklife. Though my professors tell me I write good papers, I know I have a problem with grammar. Do you have software that can possibly help me improve my grammar? ... read more

How to write a correct paragraph
I need to know how to write a correct paragraph with only 35 words. ... read more

College level reading difficulty
I am a first year nursing student and it seems I am experiencing difficulty reading at college... read more

Need to advance English vocabulary skills
I am from Russia, and I need to advance my English skills, plus my vocabulary. I appreciate your program and I look forward to doing business with... read more

Lacking ability to write English efficiently
University students who lack the ability to write in English efficiently. Their native language is Arabic. Some of them had a preliminary course in writing... read more

Returning to college- writing a short essay
I am a middle aged person, who has returned to college. There is an accuplacer test that is required before registering for the nursing program. the test consist of writing a short essay and 20 reading skills sample questions. Please give me some advice as how to sucessfully pass this type of... read more

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