Computer Reading Program Needed


Area of Concern: Reading Comprehension

Submitted by: Teacher

Grade Level: Special Education

Competency: Below Level

I am looking for a computer component to my reading program that involves many at risk, special education readers who need to boost their skills. I am looking for things that they can read independently on the computer and then be tested on their comprehension, but includes vocabulary, grammar, fluency, phonics, etc skills that can some how be put into an interactive computer software program.



Thanks for your inquiry. We’ve helped many students improve their reading comprehension. Our most popular program for this purpose is Reading Comprehension Booster. The program helps students improve their reading comprehension, as well as increase and utilize their reading skills. It is designed for students who read at 3rd through 5th grade levels. To build vocabulary skills, take a look at Vocabulary Stretch. It helps students learn word meanings, roots and origins. It is designed for students who read at a 4th through 9th grade level. Good luck!
Computer Reading Program Needed
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