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Decoding help


Area of Concern: The Merit Text Talker is an excellent tool to help students develop decoding skills. Text Talker allows students to select unfamiliar words and have them pronounced, and it can also read whole passages. This multi-sensory approach helps students develop decoding skills.

Merit programs also offer contextual feedback in response to students’ answers. This will help your son pick out the most relevant details from reading passages, and develop reading comprehension strategies.

Submitted by: Below Level

Grade Level: Reading Comprehension

Competency: Middle School

I am looking for a language arts program that teaches my 14 yr old son to “decode”” words and read better. He was labled LD in the public school sytem. I now have a home education program. After reading the information about your program



I was not sure if it deals with “” decoding”” words. Improving the ability to sound out words as he reads and not to skip over them or interject other words in place of the word not know. The program needs to teach reading comprehension.”

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