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Merit Question and Answer
English Grammar Tutor for Daughter


Area of Concern: Writing Mechanics & Grammar
Submitted by: Parent
Grade Level: ESL
Competency: Below Level
Hi. My daughter just came from Spain to live with me in my NJ home. She will be going into 7th grade in September and although the education system is very advanced in Spain, her English is still pretty poor. She knows to read and write basics but needs a lot of help especially with grammar. What english grammar exercises do you recommend? do you also have anything for her vocabulary? I want her to be a good student and have a chance of going to college. Can you help?


Hello. Thank you for contacting us. Merit Software programs have helped many students improve their language skills and I'm sure we can help your daughter also.

Since you want your daughter to make significant progress I recommend start with Grammar Fitness, Grammar Shape-Up Write it Right to work on her grammar skills and Vocabulary Stretch and Vocabulary fitness to improve her vocabulary. You can find detailed descriptions of these programs by following the links below. Thank you and best of luck.


Based on your question, Merit Software recommends the following programs:

Merit Software's Solutions lists many more programs can help with your educational success. For a complete list, please visit Merit Solutions.

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