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Merit Question and Answer
Algebra Tutoring program


Area of Concern: Math
Submitted by: Self / Adult
Grade Level: High School
Competency: Below Level
I am trying to get better in math. I have dificulties with algebra, since this is my second year in 9th grade. I am trying to get my grade up and have a high GPA. Do you have any algebra tutoring program that can help me?


Thanks for your inquiry. We have helped many students who need help with algebra. Our most popular programs for this purpose are Pre-Algebra Shape-Up and Basic Algebra Shape-Up. Both programs help students to master specific algebra skills. The programs introduce equations, develop student confidence in working with equations, and promote the development of algebraic thinking. Though they are designed for students at 6th through 9th grade skill levels, older students can use then as well.


Based on your question, Merit Software recommends the following programs:

Merit Software's Solutions lists many more programs can help with your educational success. For a complete list, please visit Merit Solutions.

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