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Merit Question and Answer
Students Need Help in Math.


Area of Concern: Math
Submitted by: Teacher
Grade Level: High School
Competency: At Level
Students are in the 14-18 age group and are of mixed ability. Many are highly motivated and some seem to be underachieving. Most students come with very weak foundation in mathematics.


Our math programs are highly effective in bringing below level students up to grade level.

The programs that we offer that have been the most popular and most effective are Basic Algebra Shape-Up and Word Problem Shape-Up.

Basic Algebra Shape-Up helps students master specific algebra skills. The program introduces equations, helps develop student confidence in working with equations, and promotes the development of algebraic thinking. It is designed for students at a 6th through 9th grade skill level.

Word Problem Shape-Up motivates students to master the skills needed for solving word problems, while providing teachers with measurable results. The program comes in three sets. Set 1 focuses on whole numbers for students in math levels 5 7; set 2 concentrates on decimals, fractions, and percents for students in math levels 6 8; and set 3 works with multi-operations for students in math levels 7 9.


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