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Merit Question and Answer
Help for 11 year old to improve math over the summer


Area of Concern: Math
Submitted by: Parent
Grade Level: Middle School
Competency: Below Level
My daughter is going into sixth grade this fall and I know things are going to get harder for her. She is has learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADD. Math is the hardest subject for her to comprehend and she forgets it easily. I want her to be ready when school starts so what are some ideas (good computer programs maybe) that she can do over summer vacation.


We have helped many middle school students improve their skills over the summer.

Our best program for your daughter is Pre-Algebra Shape-Up. It provides step-by-step help in specific skills such as understanding percents, ratios, and fractions; introducing equations; and working with pie charts, line and bar graphs. Word Problem Shape-Up will also help her. It breaks down the process of solving and answering word problems.


Based on your question, Merit Software recommends the following programs:

Merit Software's Solutions lists many more programs can help with your educational success. For a complete list, please visit Merit Solutions.

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