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Teaching Summarizing to 4th Graders


Area of Concern: Process Writing
Submitted by: Teacher
Grade Level: Elementary School
Competency: At Level
Do you have tips for teaching 4th graders to summarize? My students are having a hard time distinguishing between topic and main idea. I'm also looking for a resource where I could get short paragraphs that students could read and summarize.


We've helped many 4th graders improve their reading, writing and thinking skills.

Take a look at Book Punch and Starter Paragraph Punch.

Starter Paragraph Punch teaches students to write well-considered, short, paragraphs. The program takes students through the entire process of writing a paragraph. Tips and supports help students at every step of the way.

Book Punch provides guided, interactive, writing prompts about books commonly read in schools. It will help your students learn to summarize facts they've read.


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