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Merit Question and Answer
Read180 versus Merit Reading


Area of Concern: Reading Comprehension
Submitted by: Teacher
Grade Level: Middle School
Competency: Below Level
We are currently using Read180. We are looking for alternatives. Read180 is too complicated for our staff. It also requires students to spend a lot of time on skills that do not seem directly relevant to impoving their comprehension. How does Merit Reading compare to Read180?


Thank you for contacting Merit. Merit reading covers the core reading skills students need to know to comprehend complex texts. Concepts covered include main idea, vocabulary, inference, and comprehension.

Merit covers a wide range of levels of reading ability. The software is self-paced and self-advancing. Students quickly get to high-interest material at the right level of challenge.

In addition, Merit uses built-in hints and tips to scaffold the reading process. Immediate descriptive and numerical feedback help students experience success.

Student scores and progress reports are automatically stored in an easy-to-use teacher management system.

Full-working demos (no login necessary), screen shot tours, and pricing are listed on each Merit reading product's web page.

Good luck!


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