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Merit Question and Answer
4th grade reading difficulties are causing a problem across the curriculum.


Area of Concern: Reading Fundamentals
Submitted by: Parent
Grade Level: Elementary School
Competency: Below Level
My daughter is very caring to others and a delightful child and class member, however she struggles with reading most types of texts. Therefore causing a problem in most areas across the curriculum. As she has trouble reading instructions for her daily tasks. Quite often she will sit in a dream like state waiting for help rather than asking for help.
I would really like to help her in a way that will not draw attention to her or single her out from the rest of the class. She does not like attention drawn to her.
Cheers for now
As a mother and a teacher


It seems that your daughter would benefit greatly from our programs. She can work independently, at her own pace and receive immediate feedback and praise, encouraging her to keep going.

For her I recommend Reading Comprehension Booster. This program helps students sharpen their critical thinking skills. Students work with exercises to determine main idea, make inferences and draw conclusions.

You may also want to consider Read and Respond Punch. In this program students learn how to use basic reading improvement strategies and write well-organized answers to open-ended questions.

Best of luck to your special child.


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