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Merit Question and Answer
New Center for Adult Reading and Writing - Which products do you recommend?


Area of Concern: Writing Mechanics & Grammar
Submitted by: Administrator
Grade Level: Adult Continuing Education
Competency: Below Level
Hello. I am one of the founders of a new adult literacy center. The main purpose of our center is to take adults who have been out of the workforce and help them become employable again. Which of your products would you recommend for them?


Thanks for your interest in our products. Merit Software has helped many adult successfully return to the workplace.

Our best programs for this purpose are Reading Strategies for Career Success and Writing for Business.

Reading Strategies for Career Success helps students to read career oriented material critically. They develop the ability to answer inference questions through a variety of exercises, including writing their own sentences.

Writing for Business helps students learn how to write effective paragraphs useful in the business world.


Based on your question, Merit Software recommends the following programs:

Merit Software's Solutions lists many more programs can help with your educational success. For a complete list, please visit Merit Solutions.

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