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Merit Question and Answer
Sixth grade math assistance.


Area of Concern: Math
Submitted by: Parent
Grade Level: Middle School
Competency: Below Level
Hi. My son is in 6th grade and his math skills are very very weak. He was OK in math until 3rd grade and after that he has gotten terrible results every year. He says math is just "not his thing" but he's a smart boy and I know he could do it. I don't know where ti start helping him. Any ideas?


Hello. Thank you for contacting us. It seems that your son got frustrated with some math at some point and now doubts his aptitude for math. Unfortunately, this happens too many students. Fortunately, your son has you, and you have our products.
Our math programs will do wonders for you son. Our programs are self-paced and offer students constant feedback and praise encouraging them to continue. The non-judgmental environment he'll find in working with the computer instead of a person will also be very beneficial to him.

I recommend that he starts with Fraction Shape Up and Pre-Algebra Shape Up and moves on to our other math programs as he demonstrates readiness. Best of luck to you and you son.


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