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Answers: Elementary School

4th grade reading software and exercises for tutor
I am looking for reading software and exercises to help a 4th grader that I am tutoring. We need activities to use while reading and... read more

My son reads fast with poor comprehension.
Ethan is 9 years old. His reading decoding skills are well developed. He tends to read quickly. He has difficulty with saliency determination and inferential thought processes for reading. He does better when he reads aloud. He is writing a standardized entrance exam in 3 weeks and needs to quickly... read more

9 year old reads poorly affecting other subjects.
9 year old female. At or slightly below grade level in all subjects but at 2nd grade in reading/comprehension which is creating limitations in her sciences and other subjects now requiring extensive reading. Plan to home-school her if adequate, affordable resources can be... read more

Software for Elementary School Student
I am a new homeschooling parent and my child has always read above grade level. I was told when he was in the 5th grade that he was reading at a 12th grade reading level. But when we sat down to read the book we are working on for this nine weeks at home (Dragon wings), he is having an extremely... read more

Which elementary writing program do you recommend for my students?
Students in my class, for the most part, are unable to write stories without the constant repetition of and. they refuse to use first, at the beginning, next and/or other words to help the readers depict where they are in the story. I need some help.... read more

4th grade reading difficulties are causing a problem across the curriculum.
My daughter is very caring to others and a delightful child and class member, however she struggles with reading most types of texts. Therefore causing a problem in most areas across the curriculum. As she has trouble reading instructions for her daily tasks. Quite often she will sit in a dream... read more

Do you have any elementary math software that can help my very weak students?
I have a class with variety level of math ability. Some of them were taking Math mental such as Kumon program outside of the school, but they are very weak in terms of word problems, some problems that are related with thinking and imagination... read more

Students use of punctuation is terrible, please help
My students are reasonably good with their reading and writing skills, however the use of punctuation is terrible and sometimes non-existent.... A couple of the students are writing below their grade level, and don't seem to be improving at... read more

Jake is very bright but he needs a little elementary school writing help.
Jake is a a very bright fourth grader who had trouble learning to decode and write. He has mastered the decoding problem. He does not have compression problems; however, he has a very hard time writing complete sentences. His spelling is also terrible. His main problem appears to be transmitting... read more

Vocabulary and Reading programs for 4th and 5th graders.
Do you have any vocabulary and/or reading programs for 4th - 5th graders who are two years below grade level in their vocabulary and reading... read more

Looking for a Vocabulary software program to help my 10 year old improve her vocabulary.
I am looking for a software program to help my 10 year old improve her vocabulary. Can you please suggest which program would be best. ... read more

My 5th grader has never been a strong student... I don't want him evaluated by the school.
My son is in 5th grade and has never been a strong student. He is currently failing in all but 1 class. I do not want him evaluated in the school system because of obvious self esteem issues as well as, social reasons. He says that he does not have enough time to complete the work. I looking... read more

Need Math Tutoring Software for my student.
I tutor a 9 year old and he is having a lot of trouble with fractions, do you have any software that can really explain concepts to him without losing him? Thanks.... read more

Third grade reading help
I have a beautiful, bright 9 year old daughter who is able to recode just about any word but has very poor reading comprehension. I'm not sure what the problem is, but she isn't doing very well in school these days. Can you... read more

Hooked on Phonics helped my child to read - but her reading comprehension is lacking
My child has been using hooked on Phonics and is a good reader but her reading comprehension is lacking. She has to re-read the same texts over and over to understand them. She is in 3rd grade. Do you have any programs that can help her?... read more

Bright Boy Lacks Focus in Math
I have a bright boy, but sometimes he lacks focus due to distractions and fooling around in class. Do you know how I get him to focus on his math... read more

Trouble with Word Problems.
My daughter has trouble with word problems. We've tried workbooks and tutoring. Nothing works. Do you have anything to help... read more

My child did poorly on his 4th grade test.
My child is an excellent student. We just received his New York State English Language Test Scores. He did poorly. He states that he ran out of time. I also know that he had a lot of test anxiety, because they stress that the fourth grade testing is important. Is there any program that you... read more

My daughter is struggling in all areas of reading and spelling.
My daughter is struggling in all areas of reading and spelling. If I order the 2 programs suggested how often will she need to use the programs? Once a day? 3 times a week? Please let me know how soon we will see results compared to $500 tutor at a private reading center ex: Huntington Learning... read more

Text to Speech and Reading
I am looking for a good computer based reading program that starts with the basics and moves forward only when the child has mastered the skill and reviews frequently? Also, I would like a program with... read more

Wilson Reading is Not Enough
I use Wilson Reading with my 4th and 5th grade resource students. It is great with decoding, but I want something to use in addition to it that focuses on comprehension. I am looking for a program with assessments, and opportunities for the kids to move from level to level. Any suggestions? Thanks... read more

Additional Reading Instruction for Learning Disability
My son (middle school age) has a language based learning disability and receives reading instruction (and other support services). The district that we are in doesn't include the reading instruction as part of his IEP because they say it is not special ed. Will your program help... read more

Earobics vs. Merit Software for Reading Comprehension
I'm desperately looking for a good substance-filled reading software program for one of my students to use over the summer. Her mother cannot afford an expensive program and asked me to look into Earobics. Although I do think the skills practiced on this program will help her greatly I also think... read more

5th grader reads well but does not comprehend
My grandson is in 5th grade and reads well but does not comprehend nor retain what he... read more

Reading Comprehension Below State Assessment Standards
I need help selecting programs that would best benefit my daughter. She is a 5th grader, who reads slightly below grade level. Recent Michigan State Assessment results indicted she is below standards in reading, writing, math and science. While a fluent reader and good speller, she does not seem... read more

10 year old reads well, but does not comprehend
10 year old reads well on grade level but does not fully comprehend what he has read nor retain... read more

Help with Fractions
I need as much help as you can give me on fractions. My niece needs help -- big... read more

Difficulty learning fractions
My son is having great difficulty learning fractions. Could you help me teach my son the idea of fractions so that he can understand it, and arrive at the answer for himself? I would appreciate any... read more

Writing complete sentences with correct punctuation
slow in writing complete sentences with correct punctuation and... read more

5th grader very poor writing skills, spelling errors
My son is in 5th grade and being served under the LD label in the public school system. His spelling is horrid. He makes many spelling errors ( he can spell the same word three times on one page and it is spelled three different ways) , punctuation errors, and cannot format a paper, segment... read more

Writer's Workshop and Merit Sofware
We are using Writer's Workshop at my school and, quite frankly, we need something with a little more substance and models specific writing strategies for students. The master teachers are telling us to do more direct teaching and move away from the idea, from this workshop, that writing should... read more

Remedial students cannot understand story
Remedial students who can retell a story but not necessarily understand... read more

Extra grammar help
My son needs extra help in grammar. We know he likes technology instead of books. Do you have a way for him to practice his... read more

Student writing prompts
Do you have interactive student writing prompts that will support students while the... read more

Elementary writing prompts
I am looking for writing prompts for elementary students that can be used on the computer. My student have 30 minutes, twice a week, which can be used for writing. Any... read more

Kentucky open response question help
4th grade students need practice answering open reponse questions for reading and... read more

Ideas to Review Writing Skills?
On our state test my students scored very low in the writing section. I've been reviewing writing techniques with them, but clearly I need to do more. Any ideas about what I can do to help with... read more

Show my child how to do fractions
Can this software actually show my child how to do fractions or does it just give him... read more

Suggestions for Summer Reading Help
My fourth grade son is reading a little below level. Can you suggest any activities I can do with him this summer to improve his reading... read more

Teaching the writing process
I need help teaching the writing process to my 4th graders. Any... read more

Teaching ideas on writing a summary for district writing exam
Students will be taking the district writing exam. The topic will require them to write a... read more

What are the differences between the units of Reading Shape Up?
I have the Reading Shape Up Home version. Can you please tell me the differences between Units 1, 2 and 3 of set 1? Are they just the same, but with different questions, is there a step up to challenge the child more, or do I need to consider the next program? Also....Overall, in the Unit 1... read more

Writing exercises for elementary students
I am new to teaching in an elementary classroom and need input on methods, activities and exercises for teaching writing. Also any ways in which you assess student writing. Any input would be much appreciated.... read more

4th grade taks writing
Do you have any topic suggestions that are similar to the TAKS writing prompt? Since they changed the test to TAKS from TAAS, the prompts have usually been about the student. "Write about an adventure," "Write about your best day," etc. I am out of ideas.... read more

Literature Circles and Writing
I am looking for an effective way to combine Literature Circles with writing. Can I use your products to produce any writing from from their reading and if so, what kind?... read more

Best elementary school reading program
I am trying to design an ideal elementary school reading program for a class. Money is not a problem. This is for an urban district, which is where I work. What do you have that would be most effective? At this point, struggling readers are pulled out for reading recovery, Reading 180 and... read more

Subsitution to Reading Logs for Educators
Do you have an idea instead of reading logs? Our 5th graders just aren't doing them and then it becomes a real pain in the butt for the teachers. Also they are just reading the back of the book and writing about that.... read more

Main Idea / Supporting Details
Do you have any ideas to help my students find main ideas with supporting details that doesn't involve resource... read more

Excelling Students Educational Grammar Software
Students identified as gifted and talented, but their writing, composition, grammar needs polishing. Any... read more

Help with Grammar for Succesful Student
My daughter is a bright girl but we are having trouble helping her with her... read more

Teaching Summarizing to 4th Graders
Do you have tips for teaching 4th graders to summarize? My students are having a hard time distinguishing between topic and main idea. I'm also looking for a resource where I could get short paragraphs that students could read and... read more

Looking for reading software programs for fourth and fifth graders
I am looking for reading software programs for fourth and fifth graders. I prefer web-based software. Do you have anything that can help... read more

Help: Grade 4 Reading Comprehension and Writing
I am a resource room teacher and I teach math and ELA. I have 4th graders who are in need of comprehension skills and writing with main idea and details. The writing piece also includes organization and writing with a clear beginning middle and end. I have used different organizers, cut outs with... read more

ELA Test Prep
I am new to teaching 5th grade and in a testing year at that. Any suggestions about how to handle test prep for the reading test?... read more

Classroom Reading Intervention Needed
This year I have several students who need lots of help with reading comprehension. Since primary, the students were taught text to self, text, and the world, main idea and details, as well as a number of reading techniques - predict, reread, ask questions, etc. Yet, their state testing scores... read more

Looking for Reading Comprehension App for 5th Grader
I am looking for a reading comprehension app for a 5th grader. Speficially, I am looking for something where the student reads a passage and responds to questions... read more

Writing help for boys needed
We just recently got our state writing tests back.... we noticed a very strange/sad thing. The 5th grade students that did not meet the writing standards were all BOYS! I am on a mission this year to figure out how to reach those boys and get them interested in writing! How can you help... read more

Improving writing instruction for boys
We just received our test scores and we are so pleased with the results! However, one thing that stood out to us was that over half of the number of students that did not pass the writing test were boys. (Our test consists of responding to a prompt and answering multiple choice questions.) Have... read more

Motivating Boys in Reading
I have a few boys in my class that just don't like to read. They are decent readers. It's not that they can't read, they just dont want to or like to. Any tips on helping them like it more?... read more

Is there a online reading program for 5th graders?
Do you have an online reading program for 5th graders? I've seen other reading programs but most of them have childish graphics or are phonics programs which claim to teach... read more

What Can I Do To Teach Common Core Writing Skills?
What can I do to prepare for the Common Core writing skills in my classroom? I teach 4th and 5th... read more

Blended Learning for Elementary Classroom
Working with 4th-5th graders who need writing and grammar help. Ideally, I'd like a blended learning solution where the kids can work both at home and at school. How can you help... read more

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