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Answers: ESL

College Level English Study
I teach undergraduate and graduate level international college students at an English Language Institute. The focus of my course is writing [in English]. I find that some of my students need extra help with reading comprehension and writing. Vocabulary is also an issue this semester in... read more

Eleven year old needs help with vocabulary, spelling and comprehension.
Reuben is eleven years old. We speak Afrikaans at home but he is in an English school. I would like to improve his vocabulary, spelling and... read more

New Immigrant Students Struggling with Reading
Although my students are in 7th grade class they have difficulties in reading properly and in understanding the new words even with so many examples. In fact, I am forced to switch to Arabic to make sure that they understand the meaning. Please do help me to encourage my students to read well... read more

Bilingual students have no interest in reading.
They are Spanish speakers taking ESL courses, in a Latin country (Guatemala) they are working in a bilingual program that include subjects such as: Social studies and Language Arts, they really have problems with reading comprehension, specially I think they don't like to read, as a cultural... read more

Non-Native English Speakers with Vocabulary Problems
ESL students with Navajo influence. They have very limited vocabulary, poor comprehension and reading strategies and can't seem to apply skills learned from previous... read more

I am doing my masters but my reading speed is awfully slow.
I am the student myself. I am doing my masters now on Computer Science & Engineering. I am from a non-English speaking background. My English reading speed is awfully slow. As a result I end up reading less material than my classmates. But my reading speed in mother tongue is above... read more

ESL students read below grade level.
Many of my ESL students read below grade level. Although it is an issue of vocabulary, they still need work with basic word attack skills and comprehension skills.What can you... read more

I'm studying english in Brazil - What programs can you recommend?
I'm studying english in Brazil.Could you recommend any downloadable programs to improve my... read more

EFL Writing and Grammar Programs
This summer I am teaching a journalism course to EFL students (high school). I am not sure what level of English the students will be in. Which writing and grammar programs would you reccomend?... read more

I'm looking for ESL software for adults (all levels). Can you help?
Good morning, I'm looking for ESL software that is suitable for adults, 20-60 yrs. Full range of levels. Can you... read more

ESL Students Langugage skills
I'm a ESL student from Brazil and I need to improve for college.I take english for 2 years but still need more help. Do you have any english exercises that can help me, in your product? thank you in this matter. ... read more

English Grammar Tutor for Daughter
Hi. My daughter just came from Spain to live with me in my NJ home. She will be going into 7th grade in September and although the education system is very advanced in Spain, her English is still pretty poor. She knows to read and write basics but needs a lot of help especially with grammar. What... read more

What program could prepare my ESL students for GED material?
We have a few ESL students, and we don't know what to do with them. None are college bound. They don't really have academic goals beyond our program. Though they're too advanced to be in ESL classes, their reading and writing skills are still remedial. Their needs involve job-related reading... read more

Looking for TOEFL Help with Grammar and Comprehension
I am looking for TOEFL help with grammar and comprehensive for TOEFL. can u suggest something... read more

Need to improve grammar and english.
I am not a student. I need to improve my grammar and english to study myself. I couldn't afford to go to school. I understand a grammar pretty good. The way I write or speak that it sounds not very good for example when/since and in/on(like meaning what/why to be that way) use for date (I am... read more

Software for my bilingual students.
Basic problem with them is their bilingual nature. most of the times, they listen me teaching but they don't respond. They don't even have the capacity to read the lines.The language English becomes a mystery to them. They seem to be mesmorised but they don't understand. When reading damages their... read more

Needing assistance with grammar and basic writing skills.
Needing assistance with grammar and basic writing skills. ... read more

Phrasal Verb Exercises
I am looking for good phrasal verb exercises for my students that they can use independently on a computer. Can you help... read more

Reading is too difficult
When I try and reading I don't undertand too much words and it makes difficult for me and very slow. How should I change things to improve my reading? I sorry for my English which is very... read more

TOEFL writing software
I am looking for writing skills software that will help my TOEFL students. Can you help... read more

How to get good TOEFL score
We are planning on having a special learning class at our school in Japan. We do not know which program should we buy ? We would like our kids to get at least score of 400 - 500 on TOEFL. Please help... read more

TOEIC practice
We are looking for teaching materials for a TOEIC prep class. Which teaching materials we should begin... read more

Software programmes for ESL students in 3rd level education
I am looking for software packages that can be used for ESL students in 3rd level educational institutions.... read more

Tutoring program to help with learning new words
Hello, please help me. I am learning English, and I have to learn so many new words. I don't have help, and I am looking for a program that can help me. A program that is like a tutor and that remembers what I need to learn. I need to learn the sound and spelling and meaning of the words. Most... read more

Likes hands-on learning
He likes hands-on learning rather than reading. He gets very discouraged when it comes to writing. He complains that he cannot write a 5-page essay from a small paragraph prompt. His poor writing skills is preventing him from further studies, which will eventually get him to a career he would... read more

I am looking for ESL TOEFL Prep help. Can you help... read more

English Learning Software
I need something to help me learn English better. I can speak and listen okay. Most of the help I need is with grammar and writing. Can your English learning software help... read more

Looking for ways to get kids excited about writing in class
The year is winding down and kids are getting antsy (they are high school ELLs):) I want to try some different writing activities that will motivate them a bit more to write. I have used many interactives on as well as engaging PDF printouts, but I want... read more

Interactive online English grammar exercises for students?
Do you have interactive online English exercises to help me improve my... read more

Interactive English Grammar Exercises for Beginners
Do you have any interactive English grammar exercises for beginning English language... read more

English Grammar Online Software for Arabic Students
I live in the UAE. I need English grammar online help. Can you help... read more

Online Begginer English Software
Hi, do you have Beginners English online resources?... read more

Advanced ESL Grammar Activities
I'm looking for some advanced ESL grammar activities. Can you help... read more

ESL Intermediate grammar suggestion
Hi, I am looking for a way to teach grammar not to children, but to adults. Can you help me?... read more

Teaching pre-writing with technology
Do you have anything that would help me teach pre-writing with technology (i.e. laptop)? I plan to do brainstorming, organizing, etc. with my class.... read more

Sentence Structure Software
I am looking for ways to help my students improve their sentence and writing structure. Is there a place online that might be able to help me with... read more

Improving My Sentence Structure
I speak English fluently, but of course I can't write as well as a native English speaker. As for most foreigners, my sentence structure is sometimes quite bad, but this is difficult for me to realize. Do you have any advice for improving my sentence structure? Are there any typical... read more

Need Grammar Games!
I am new to teaching and still trying to get the swing of things. I know that not everything about learning a language can be fun, but I try to stick to the motto learning is fun! I am looking for more games to play in my classes, specifically toward studying English grammar. Any... read more

English for natives
I'm a non-native English teacher and what I do every day is explain English grammar & vocabulary and correct my students' mistakes. As I've been doing it for several years, I know typical mistakes that people of my language can make. But unfortunately, I know nothing about typical mistakes that... read more

Online word games to improve English?
I am looking for some online word games to help my college ESL/EFL students practice using English. I have already found games like hangman, crossword puzzles, and other variations of word puzzles. I do not know how to describe what I am looking for other than to say "something else," that is... read more

55 Year Old Adult Needs to Practice English Reading and Writing
I have a student who is a 55 year old home health worker. She is comfortable reading books in Spanish or getting help in English with reading correspondence. She learned to speak English from years of working in people’s homes, but cannot read or write well. How can you... read more

Nursing Student Who Needs Writing and Vocabulary Help
Hi, I am a nursing student in college who needs help with my writing and reading inference/vocabulary skills. English is not my first language. How can you help... read more

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