Help improving English and Vocabulary


Area of Concern: Vocabulary

Submitted by: Self / Adult

Grade Level: Adult

Competency: Below Level

Sir / Madam In fact I am the Student. I have left school 15 years ago. I want to improve my English Language and Vocabulary. I am looking forward to have a better career. . I hope you would help me. Thanking you.



Thanks for your inquiry. We’ve helped many students improve their vocabulary skills. Our most popular program for this purpose is Vocabulary Stretch. Vocabulary Stretch is vocabulary building software that helps students recognize words in different contexts and understand where many English words come from. It is designed for students in grades 4 through 10. We also offer another program which may be equally useful to you. “Reading For Career Strategies” is designed for students reading at an 8th grade level and teaches reading in the context of employment-related topics.
Help improving English and Vocabulary
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