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Answers: Help With All Subjects

Need Software for ADHD child.
My child is in Special Education for Reading and Math. He has ADHD and learning problems. I am not happy with the summer school they want him to attend.(59 per class) That will not help him! He is going in 7th grade, reading at 4th grade level. Can you help? If so, what program do you... read more

Daughter has ADHD and is two grades behind.
My daughter is two grades behind. She is currently in the 6th grade working on 4th & third grade work. She is below in all subjects. She is 13. Need help with her in all fields of work. She has ADHD and Bipolar & other mental... read more

Alternative high school students need help in all areas
I teach at an alternative high school. Reading ability by most students is below grade level. All academic areas are of concern. Students have no outside reading interests. Vocabulary is limited as are their life experiences. Many have never ventured more than 30 miles from their home. Any... read more

What is the benefit of your products to my Special Education Students?
I am a Special Education Resource Teacher. I teach Reading and English to middle school students who are functioning anywhere from 0-3 levels below their grade level. They do retain better when they are involved in hands-on activities and those involving the use of the computer. What is the... read more

ADHD Students Learning Tools
My son has ADHD. He has a problem with auditory processing and attention. I don't see him getting better in reading or math. I need help. He reads high grade 3rd and is in 6th grade. What he does love and is great at, is videos and computers. Do you have anything for special education... read more

Cody is deaf and having trouble with grammar.
My son, Cody is deaf and since English is not his first language (ASL is) he is not able to write in proper English word order. Grammars are all mixed up. I'd like to help him improve in this... read more

I am a speech pathologist and I work with LD, TBI and autistic children.
I am a speech pathologist and I work with LD, TBI and autistic children. They range in their abilities, from perceptual difficulties, to strict reading comprehension... read more

Students with MR have good word skills but cannot comprehend what they read.
I teach students with disabilities ranging from very mild learning disabilities to moderate mental retardation(MR). The students with MR have good sight word skills but cannot comprehend what they read. The students with learning disabilities can usually comprehend better but have... read more

Child with emotional problems-will your products help?
Hi. My daughter suffers from clinic depression and has low self esteem issues- this reflects on her schooling of course. She is a freshmen in high school and is behind on EVERYTHING. She has low motivation and tutors don't seem to help her much. Can your products help? If so, what do you... read more

My learning disabled student is two grade levels behind.
My student is classified as learning disabled. She is functioning about two grade levels behind. She tries very hard and she enjoys reading, but has difficulty with reading comprehension.She's in 10th... read more

What program could prepare my ESL students for GED material?
We have a few ESL students, and we don't know what to do with them. None are college bound. They don't really have academic goals beyond our program. Though they're too advanced to be in ESL classes, their reading and writing skills are still remedial. Their needs involve job-related reading... read more

Educational Software for Homeschools
I am wondering about using your system in homeschooling my child in the 8th... read more

Study Guide for the WASL
I am looking for WASL practice activities that I can use at home with my kids. Do you have any resources that can help me? I am also a teacher. If I like your products, I can recommend them to my... read more

7th grade help with all subjects.
I have a 13 yr old boy in 7th grade he is struggling in all core areas [ie math reading writing] I am looking for something that covers all of these areas that he could do at home instead of spending the money for a tutor. Would your Intermediate skills pack cover all of these areas or do I have... read more

How to get good TOEFL score
We are planning on having a special learning class at our school in Japan. We do not know which program should we buy ? We would like our kids to get at least score of 400 - 500 on TOEFL. Please help... read more

Want English teaching software with voice
I want the English teaching software with the voice. Can you help... read more

5th grader very poor writing skills, spelling errors
My son is in 5th grade and being served under the LD label in the public school system. His spelling is horrid. He makes many spelling errors ( he can spell the same word three times on one page and it is spelled three different ways) , punctuation errors, and cannot format a paper, segment... read more

NCLB and Exceptional Children
I teach special education at the high school level in Oregon. NCLB has raised expectations so high, that it is difficult for a special needs child to actually achieve. Now don't get me wrong, I believe in my students and that they can achieve great things. I could use your advice as to the best... read more

Students Need Help Passing High School Exit Exam
My school has a very low graduation rate. Many of our students are failing the high school exit exam multiple times. They are giving up on getting their diplomas. Some of the teachers here are starting a program to help these students. What software would you... read more

Help my password does not work!
I am trying to install a Merit program, but I keep getting an error message when I enter the... read more

TAKS Practice Software
I'm looking for some good TAKS practice software. I need to improve our test scores, but our kids don't like using anything that teaches to the to the test. Can you help... read more

English curriculum help for high school homeschooling
I have everything decided for 9th grade EXCEPT for English and it's driving me crazy. All of my homeschool friends use Christian publishers, so I can't ask them without getting "the look". I need something that covers General English (even 8th grade level is fine). We are doing Wordly Wise... read more

How to improve brain power in older adults
I am looking for ways to improve brain power in older adults. How can you help... read more

Need to Raise ELA Test Scores
Just got our state ELA test scores back. We are in a Common Core state and we need to do something to raise them. Can you... read more

Blended Learning for Grades 4- 12
Looking for blended learning options for grades 4- 12 to help with English Language Arts. Can you... read more

PARCC English Language Arts/Literacy Help
Looking for test prep materials for PARCC English Language Arts/Literacy for HS students. Can you help... read more

Nursing Student Who Needs Writing and Vocabulary Help
Hi, I am a nursing student in college who needs help with my writing and reading inference/vocabulary skills. English is not my first language. How can you help... read more

Looking for Common Core Summer Skill Help
Looking for summer academic activities to help my 6th and 8th graders. We are in a Common Core state. Can you... read more

Drug and Rehab Center Looking for Self-Directed Learning Materials
I run a learning lab at a drug and rehabilitation center. The center just got a grant to purchase new computers. It needs new software too. Our clients have a wide range of academic skill deficiencies. Several are high school graduates who need to get back into the workforce. Their academic... read more

Looking for Better Instructional Ideas for At-Risk Students
This urban high school's population are largely first-generation college students who do not have the supports to navigate the college system and culture. Almost half the students are below level on their MAPS test. We want to expand our blended learning and 1:1 program. We are looking for an... read more

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