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Answers: High School

11th grader needs help with vocabulary
My son is an eleventh grader with a reading instructional level of 8th grade. Insufficient vocabulary. Looking for a lesson plan which incorporates vocabulary building and phonic awareness techniques.... read more

Algebra and Linear Relationships help
I'm having problems with Algebra and Linear Relationships. I don't understand it at all and I need... read more

Alternative high school students need help in all areas
I teach at an alternative high school. Reading ability by most students is below grade level. All academic areas are of concern. Students have no outside reading interests. Vocabulary is limited as are their life experiences. Many have never ventured more than 30 miles from their home. Any... read more

High School Students need help with Reading Comprehension
High School Students need help with Reading Comprehension I have 17 9th and 10th grade students who scored low on the reading comprehension of the TAP test. They are not motivated to improve their skills. I need activities to help them... read more

High School Students with No Critical Thinking Ability
The students here are from a rural area, many of which have not been outside their most immediate environment. They have a carefree attitude that shows they could care less if they attain knowledge of any sort, and many do not see the need to learn any more than their grandparents learned. They... read more

Students Need Help in Math.
Students are in the 14-18 age group and are of mixed ability. Many are highly motivated and some seem to be underachieving. Most students come with very weak foundation in... read more

High School Writing help needed!
Need some exercises to help me with basic grammar to help increase my writing skills. We are doing a review this year and I have forgotten some of the basic rules of... read more

Hardworking student has no reading comprehension.
Student has always had a reading problem, but has the heart of a lion. The student works very hard at the level of the class but comprehension of reading materials puts this student behind no matter... read more

Trouble with High School Math.
Up until last year my daughter has been an 'A' student in Math. We got a tutor for her last year and she managed to get a C+. She is having trouble again this... read more

Bilingual Students need English Learning Help
Group of young eager boys whose mother tongue and the language spoken at home is not English. They will be first generation speakers. They do not read other than the text. I am searching for something that can stimulate their language skills. i.e.grammatical and creative writing. I have given them... read more

How do I motivate and teach my 16 year old?
My son is an 11th grade boy who doesn't like to read and likes to write even less. How do I motivate him and teach him at the same... read more

SOL's coming up- my students need fast help with writing!
My students are scheduled to take the state SOL's (exit examination) for Writing. They have minimal understanding of the subject matter. They operate best with hands on materials activities; however, worksheets are scarce and transparencies are... read more

I teach 9th grade students who are below grade level in Reading...
I teach 9th grade students who are below grade level in Reading. Their deficiencies range from phonics skills, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, etc. Most of my students are on a reading level between 5th grade - 8th... read more

I can't write an essay no matter how hard I try.
I am 17 years old and cannot understand how to write an essay no matter how I try, unless I am helped. Do you have any writing software that can help... read more

Child with emotional problems-will your products help?
Hi. My daughter suffers from clinic depression and has low self esteem issues- this reflects on her schooling of course. She is a freshmen in high school and is behind on EVERYTHING. She has low motivation and tutors don't seem to help her much. Can your products help? If so, what do you... read more

Looking for alternative to text books to motivate troubled teens.
I teach troubled teens who are at or below grade average. They are 6-12 and I am looking for alternatives to text books to teach them. Any help would be appreciated.... read more

I need a program with many ESL Practice Exercises - Can you help?
Hi. I am Spanish student and I'm having trouble with English. I'm taking SAT's next semester and need lots of practice. Do you have software that can help me? Thanks a lot.... read more

I need algebra tutoring software for a high school student that knows NOTHING.
hi. I'm tutoring a 15 year and he knows NOTHING. Really. Besides the basics (adding, multiplying,dividing) he knows nothing else. He is a good student in everything else but he has been failing math for years. His parents now want him to catch up (so he can still go to college). Do you think... read more

What program should I choose for High School Reading Comprehension?
All of your programs seem like they would be a great help for my students, however, I intend to purchase 30 stations and my budget only allows me to get two. Which one's would you suggest to better prepare my 11th graders for their SAT's (reading comp.... read more

9th grader needs math help!
My sister is in 9th grade and has been very weak in math for a few years now. Her teacher recommended your programs but I'm not sure what to get. What do you... read more

Software to Improve SAT scores
Which product would you recommend for a junior who wants to improve critical reading skills for... read more

Accelerated Reader and Merit Software
I am a parent of 2 teenagers. My two children are doing great in school. They are both in IB and get straight A's. I am, however, concerned about the 400 or so students that are barely reading above 8th grade level. I am interested in starting a program for the school that helps them. I spoke with... read more

9th Grade students need help with English literature
My 9th grade students are struggling in my Literature class. They have no interest in literature or in English or in school. I am a recent graduate and I'm not sure how to help them. Any... read more

Does your software complement Plato software?
My students are using Plato software to help them with reading comprehension. It seems to be working out fine, but they still need additional help. The problem is that our budget is fairly low this year,making plato software out of the question. Will your software complement the software that the... read more

Software for the deaf

Getting 10th grader to read is like pulling teeth
My child is in the 10th grade. Getting him to read is just like pulling teeth. Will the Vocabulary Super Stretch help him with the PSAT or... read more

Hope to Improve My English
I am a 48 years old women, immmigrant from Colombia. I am a hard worker and hope to improve my Enlish. What software should I... read more

Essay Writing Help for ESL and Struggling Students
I need to write an essay about how we should not be allowed to own guns, but I am having trouble. Can you... read more

Having trouble writing her essays
She is a hard worker but is just having trouble writing her... read more

Help with writing
Need help with... read more

Help with Reading Comprehension
cannot easily comprehend the text... read more

Help with writing an essay
I am writing a essay on emminem and how his music connects with his life and backround im having trouble putting a topic and clarifying and completing sentences together. Cna u help me... read more

Honors student needs help with writing an effective essay.
A first honors student who is having difficulty writing an effective essay. Will the essay punch software help her with topic of her own choosing or must she choose from list of choices in... read more

Help with Reading Comprehension - My daughter forgets what she reads.
My daughter is pretty smart. However, when she has a Reading Comprehension Test, it is hard to answer questions because she forgets what she has read... read more

Trouble with reading math problems.
She is a good worker in all of her other classes. She has truble in math because of it is hard for her to understand and it is hard for her to read math as... read more

Learning to Improve English Comprehension and Vocabulary
Learning to improve English comprehension and vocabulary, 16 years old. Quick... read more

Help with brainstorming.
need help with brainstorming, t-bar brainstorming, main body paragraph and over just knowing how to put all... read more

Trouble with Reading Comprehension
she's a 15year and having problems with reading , having problem comprehending what she has read.... read more

15 year old having problems with reading comprehension
She's a 15 year and having problems with reading, having problem comprehending what she has read.... read more

Math Tutoring
I am very interested in all levels of math.Do you have any tutoring programs to help... read more

I would like to learn more english
I am over 18 years old and I would like to learn more english ... read more

Below Level Student Needs Help With Writing
Twelfth graders most of whom are slightly below to several grades below grade level in writing competency. Those who do express an aspiration plan on attending community college after high... read more

Algebra Tutoring program
I am trying to get better in math. I have dificulties with algebra, since this is my second year in 9th grade. I am trying to get my grade up and have a high GPA. Do you have any algebra tutoring program that can help... read more

Help with business letter
adult student trying to improve her skills in making business... read more

GED Essay Help
He is 19 years old, and is trying to get his GED . Michael has tried three times last year and failed the essay part of the... read more

9th grader with vocabulary, reading skills at 5th grade level
My son is a 9th grader who has always made A's and B's. We transfered him to a private college prep school and have found his vocabulary, reading and written language skills are way below grade level (5th grade). How do we get started to bring him to grade level and... read more

Best software for improving 9th grade comprehension
My son will be graduating from 8th grade and will attend HS this fall. His reading comprehension is poor and he is reading below his grade level (7th grade). His grammar skills are average, but could be improved as well. Please recommend software for improving reading comprehension and grammar... read more

Help with Dyslexia, Processing, and Short Term Memory Issues
I have a 15 yr old child with several academic learning disabilities: dyslexia, processing, and short term memory difficulty. Are any of these programs set up to help. Will he be able to do these... read more

Improving college writing skills
I'm going to go college soon. I need to improve my English writing so feel comfitable in class and get good... read more

Abstract and critical thinking
problems with expression problems with abstract thinking problems with critical thinking problems with forming opinions very good... read more

Problems with comprehension and report writing
My daughter has problems with comprehension, report writing, putting a story line together. She isn't overly interested in reading. She is a very motivated student however and works extremely... read more

NCLB and Exceptional Children
I teach special education at the high school level in Oregon. NCLB has raised expectations so high, that it is difficult for a special needs child to actually achieve. Now don't get me wrong, I believe in my students and that they can achieve great things. I could use your advice as to the best... read more

ITED test prep
I am working with a child in Iowa that needs to take the ITED tests in late October. He is a junior this year. Do you have a software package for this? Do I need to know more specific information about the specific... read more

ACT reading score help
My daughter is a senior in High School and recently scored a 15 on the reading section of the ACT test. She must inprove fast in order to retake the test and qualify for a scholarship. Theses are also skills she must have in order to due well in college. Which program will best help her. I... read more

CAHSEE prep help
Below level students in reading and math who want to pass the California High School Exit Exam... read more

Hello, my daughter is 17 and is having to repeat the 12th grade because she didn't pass the CAHSEE and she is reading at grade level 7.8 Since the 5th grade, she has been having problems retaining what she learned and also, she needs help with comprehension. I need to know if you have a program... read more

9th grade reading help
Student will be in the 9th grade next school year. Public school. In Honors Reading Language Arts & Algebra. He is weak in comprehension most likely due to minimal interest in reading. Only reads when required to do... read more

Students lack attention and motivation
Most of my students lack attention and motivation, and are constantly engaged in disruptive behavior. Their writing skills are quite... read more

Staying focused while reading
My son readily admits he has difficulty staying focused when reading. When he can struggle through, he can understand what he just read and can correctly answer questions if given immediately after the reading. A day or two later is a real... read more

Need Help with Reading Comprehension on FCAT
I'm looking for a software program to use for the summer to help my son entering high school. He doesn't like to read and scores low on FCAT testing in reading... read more

ESL students with no knowledge of process
I teach ESL students ages 14-19. They have a variety of educational bckgrounds. At this point in time all perform below grade level due to lack of language skills. They have no prior knowledge of... read more

School says he should take remedial classes
14 year old male. School district says he should be in remedial program based on one test showing his performance at the 8th grade level with strong vocabulary skills. He is making A's in all subject except language arts, in which it is a high B. I disagree that he needs a remedial program. ... read more

Nervous about writing test
I am registered to start some writing courses in college. I have a grammar program and a spell checker in my own computer. Before I start my courses I am supposed to write an english assessment test, so that they can decide at what level of communications I will be placed. Before I take this test I... read more

Smart, but below grade level
15 yr old, male, smart, well below grade level. Needs help with writing... read more

New York English Regents exam help
I am looking for software to help my students pass the writing portion of the New York English Regents... read more

Adult High School grammar help
I am a student learning in an adult high school. I need to improve my English grammar... read more

Reading comprehension program for independent study
We work with students grades 7-12 in an independent study (one on one) school. Most of our students are below grade level in reading comprehension. We are looking for an appropriate computer based program that students can do independently and doesn't require classroom teaching. Which of your... read more

Having problems with their writing.
My students are 15 to 18 yr old males and they are studying basic engineering. They will be graduating as technicians but they are having problems with their writing. Any idea of how to... read more

12th graders having difficulties with grammar
I teach 12th graders and they are having difficulties with grammar.... read more

Underprivileged high school kids need help with writing and grammar
I teach rural, underprivileged high school kids. My students are having a few issues with writing and... read more

Teaching HS Students to Write...HELP!
We have just started the school year, and I am shocked by the poor writing skills of my 9th grade class. We have not progressed past simple narrative paragraph writing, but the students are truly lost. They have no idea how to write a topic sentence, how to organize their paragraph, or how... read more

Students Need Help Passing High School Exit Exam
My school has a very low graduation rate. Many of our students are failing the high school exit exam multiple times. They are giving up on getting their diplomas. Some of the teachers here are starting a program to help these students. What software would you... read more

He is having trouble with starting the essay and organizing his ideas
My son is going to take the GED exam and it is required to write a short essay. He is having trouble with starting the essay and organizing his ideas. ... read more

Essay Writing Software
My students cannot write an essay to save their lives. Do you have any essay writing software that will help... read more

TAKS Practice Software
I'm looking for some good TAKS practice software. I need to improve our test scores, but our kids don't like using anything that teaches to the to the test. Can you help... read more

Reading Intervention Program?
I am looking for some advice on a reading intervention program that you would recommend for 9th graders other than Voyager or Read180. The program would be used with struggling readers in the school.... read more

Can’t Wait for Reading Assessment Results. Need Help Now.
Our students have trouble with reading comprehension – reading stories and understanding what they're about...not just the younger kids but high school students and even the adults that I teach at a local college. My goal is to have some way to help them with their literacy skills instead of... read more

English curriculum help for high school homeschooling
I have everything decided for 9th grade EXCEPT for English and it's driving me crazy. All of my homeschool friends use Christian publishers, so I can't ask them without getting "the look". I need something that covers General English (even 8th grade level is fine). We are doing Wordly Wise... read more

Working with students with a wide range of reading levels
The reading levels in my class range from 4th to 11th grade. Our school has 60% English language learners. How can I challenge each of them at their own... read more

PARCC English Language Arts/Literacy Help
Looking for test prep materials for PARCC English Language Arts/Literacy for HS students. Can you help... read more

Seeking Writing Enhancements
We are looking for ways to enhance our students' writing skills. They need help across the board -- developing ideas, providing supporting details, organizing thoughts, using proper language. We also need to have a basic measure of assessment. Can you help... read more

Looking for Better Instructional Ideas for At-Risk Students
This urban high school's population are largely first-generation college students who do not have the supports to navigate the college system and culture. Almost half the students are below level on their MAPS test. We want to expand our blended learning and 1:1 program. We are looking for an... read more

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