How to prepare for college academic writing?


Area of Concern:  Writing 

Submitted by: Parent

Grade Level: College

Competency: At Level

My daughter just finished high school and she is starting a four-year university in the Fall.  Senior year for her was about getting into college, not preparing for college.  She hasn’t written an essay since 11th grade.   How can Merit help her?  I want her to get off to a good start.


Merit has several options to help your daughter get off to a good start at college.  Merit College Prep programs help students with different types of essay writing and essential grammar concepts.  If she can get through the programs before she starts, she will be in great shape to succeed. 
First, ask her to work on Essay Punch‘s informational and persuasive essay prompts.  Essay Punch provides step-by-step writing help to help students master the writing process.  
The other program for her to use is Grammar Rules and Review.   Grammar Rules and Review covers the 10 most common troublesome areas of grammar for college students.  The program provides activities in the form of real life examples to reinforce awareness of the concepts.  Built-in hints and tips support students while they work. 
Both programs are part of the English College Prep Web Suite.  Purchasing the Web Suite package is the most economical way to benefit from the software.   It also provides activities for plagiarism and in-text citation that should help her.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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How to prepare for college academic writing?
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