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I am doing my masters but my reading speed is awfully slow.


Area of Concern: Reading Fundamentals

Submitted by: Self / Adult

Grade Level: ESL Students

Competency: At Level

I am the student myself. I am doing my masters now on Computer Science & Engineering. I am from a non-English speaking background. My English reading speed is awfully slow. As a result I end up reading less material than my classmates. But my reading speed in mother tongue is above average.



It is not uncommon for students who speak English as a second language to struggle with reading. Most times the problem is a lack of vocabulary, when students increase their vocabulary their reading speed increases also (because of fast word recognition).

I suggest you start with Vocabulary Stretch series.

These programs will help you increase your vocabulary, recognize words in different contexts, and understand where many English words come from.

Good luck!

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