Leap Test is coming up and my 8th graders aren’t ready.


Area of Concern: Writing Mechanics & Grammar

Submitted by: Teacher

Grade Level: Middle School

Competency: Below Level

My students are 8th grade. Some of them are 8.5 students who did not pass my state’s testing requirement. for Louisiana, it is the Leap Test. We are now taking practice test for this Leap Test that is coming in March. As I work with my students, I am discovering that they don’t know basic English grammar. I also see that some of them don’t like to read. When i have them read out loud, i find that some of them can’t really read well. I really want to help these kids, but i don’t know where to start. I find out that they really can’t recoginze the parts of speech. I need more hands on ideas and multimedia ideas. Help!



Thank you contacting us. Merit Software has helped many students prepare for standardized testing and we can do the same for your students. I suggest that they start with our program Grammar Shape-up, which provides a hands-on review of the parts of speech. Developing Critical Thinking Skills Sets 1 and 2 is also a great program for them. It will help them develop their reading comprehension, ability to make inferences and sharpen their critical thinking skills.
Leap Test is coming up and my 8th graders aren’t ready.
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