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Answers: Math

Algebra and Linear Relationships help
I'm having problems with Algebra and Linear Relationships. I don't understand it at all and I need... read more

Students Need Help in Math.
Students are in the 14-18 age group and are of mixed ability. Many are highly motivated and some seem to be underachieving. Most students come with very weak foundation in... read more

Trouble with High School Math.
Up until last year my daughter has been an 'A' student in Math. We got a tutor for her last year and she managed to get a C+. She is having trouble again this... read more

GED Study Guide Software
At the present time we operate a full time GED lab. The clients that we serve have been removed from the traditional school setting for some time. We are currently running into tons of basic skills deficiencies. Especially in the math areas. Any help would be... read more

Need help with GED math
I passed the GED test, except the math failed 20 points. Can you help... read more

Need Math software for my ADHD son.
I am looking for a math program to keep my son's mind from getting cold during the summer. He is moving from 5th to 6th grade. I want to strengthen his abilities he is ADHD. Can you help... read more

I'm a 46 yr. old college student and I'm struggling with Pre-Algebra - Can you help?
I'm a 46 yr. old college student that is taking a remedial math course (Pre-algebra)to prepare me to take a required college algebra course. I'm really struggling with the course material. I may even have a learning disability when it comes to math. Can your software help me get a working... read more

Do you have any elementary math software that can help my very weak students?
I have a class with variety level of math ability. Some of them were taking Math mental such as Kumon program outside of the school, but they are very weak in terms of word problems, some problems that are related with thinking and imagination... read more

My son needs help with math. Which Mathematics Software do you recommend?
He is below reading 1 grade I think, he is in 6th going in 7th. Very weak in Math. Have a hard time understanding or grasping. Gives up when he feels the teacher is tired of him. Does not want to participate because he feel that he will be wrong.... read more

How to achieve state standards in Education.
I work with students who are not achieving state standards on the Math and Language Arts assessments. In my classroom we work on basic skills to help the achieve passing standards for these... read more

Need Math Tutoring Software for my student.
I tutor a 9 year old and he is having a lot of trouble with fractions, do you have any software that can really explain concepts to him without losing him? Thanks.... read more

I need algebra tutoring software for a high school student that knows NOTHING.
hi. I'm tutoring a 15 year and he knows NOTHING. Really. Besides the basics (adding, multiplying,dividing) he knows nothing else. He is a good student in everything else but he has been failing math for years. His parents now want him to catch up (so he can still go to college). Do you think... read more

Sixth grade math assistance.
Hi. My son is in 6th grade and his math skills are very very weak. He was OK in math until 3rd grade and after that he has gotten terrible results every year. He says math is just "not his thing" but he's a smart boy and I know he could do it. I don't know where ti start helping him. Any... read more

9th grader needs math help!
My sister is in 9th grade and has been very weak in math for a few years now. Her teacher recommended your programs but I'm not sure what to get. What do you... read more

Need Some Motivation in Math Class
I'm not working hard enough in my math class. I need some learning tools to help and motivate me to improve my... read more

Bright Boy Lacks Focus in Math
I have a bright boy, but sometimes he lacks focus due to distractions and fooling around in class. Do you know how I get him to focus on his math... read more

Trouble with Word Problems.
My daughter has trouble with word problems. We've tried workbooks and tutoring. Nothing works. Do you have anything to help... read more

Failed math orientation test
Failed initial oriontation math-test enterance exam- for commercial Driver License training at West Seattle Community... read more

Trouble with reading math problems.
She is a good worker in all of her other classes. She has truble in math because of it is hard for her to understand and it is hard for her to read math as... read more

Math Tutoring
I am very interested in all levels of math.Do you have any tutoring programs to help... read more

I Need Help With College Algebra
I have taken college algebra at least 5 times, all 5 times I have failed the class, I need help, it has stopped me from continuing my... read more

Algebra Tutoring program
I am trying to get better in math. I have dificulties with algebra, since this is my second year in 9th grade. I am trying to get my grade up and have a high GPA. Do you have any algebra tutoring program that can help... read more

Daughter is struggling in FFA math class
My daughter is attending a charter school in Arkansas. She is taking a math class called Foundations For Algebra or FFA Math. She is struggling in the class and I'm not sure how I can help her. She is doing fine in all her other classes at or above level. Maybe you have some ideas on how we can... read more

Student needs to improve math skills to prepare for the PSSA test
My child will be taking an important PSSA test next March for High School. I just want my child above grade level by then. My child loves to read and she is starting to enjoy... read more

Math Tutor
she is a girl that is 12 and she needs help with her division, multiplication,and fractions.I need some math tutor program to help her.... read more

Need a Math Tutorial
Hi Im an adult who intends to go back to college but I need a math tutorial to help me brush up on my math skills. I haven't taken math in years and I don't even remember fractions or percentages. What program do you... read more

Help with Fractions
I need as much help as you can give me on fractions. My niece needs help -- big... read more

Difficulty learning fractions
My son is having great difficulty learning fractions. Could you help me teach my son the idea of fractions so that he can understand it, and arrive at the answer for himself? I would appreciate any... read more

Need help doing fractions quickly
I'm going to take my pre-ged test and I havent dealt with any real math problems in years. I know how to make change and all the other stuff but I really don't remember too much about fractions or too much past that. Thanks for anything or any help.... read more

6th grade pre-algebra help
I am a student in 6th grade and I need help with my math. I am not doing good in pre-algebra, and am having hard time finding good programs. Can you... read more

Help for 11 year old to improve math over the summer
My daughter is going into sixth grade this fall and I know things are going to get harder for her. She is has learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADD. Math is the hardest subject for her to comprehend and she forgets it easily. I want her to be ready when school starts so what are some ideas... read more

Math Intervention
Looking for new and innovative ideas for math intervention at the middle school. We are willing to do this during the school day and before or after school. Our interventions could be school wide or by grade level with 6th and 7th grade being our greatest concern.... read more

Individual algebra help
I need individual help with algebra for ged... read more

Basic Algebra Help
I am 33 years old and I need help with basic algebra. I did not take any in high school and now my job requires me to take a test that has some basic algebra including simultaneous equations. Please let me know which program could help... read more

Summer math for 8th grader
I would like a software program that my 8th grade son can use over the summer to re-learn, refresh and practice all math he has been exposed to 6-8th grades.... read more

Need to pass GED math test
I need to pass my math test in order to get my GED. I have done the test three times and I didn't pass... read more

8th grade algebra software
My 8th grader needs help with algebra. I have had a difficult time finding suitable programs for him. Can you... read more

Show my child how to do fractions
Can this software actually show my child how to do fractions or does it just give him... read more

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