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Answers: Middle School

Comprehension and vocabulary skills are below the average
My daughter has just received her school report and it stated her comprehension and vocabulary skills are below the average for her level. Can you help me with this?... read more

Unmotivated Students
My students are not motivated and find reading boring. They have difficulty comprehending themes within the story and often miss the underlying messages. What can I do to help... read more

Daughter has ADHD and is two grades behind.
My daughter is two grades behind. She is currently in the 6th grade working on 4th & third grade work. She is below in all subjects. She is 13. Need help with her in all fields of work. She has ADHD and Bipolar & other mental... read more

ELLs Need Help with Reading
My students are primarily Hispanics in middle school. They are able to answer high order thinking skills orally, but when it's them to read independently, there's a... read more

Need Grammar Software for 7th and 8th Grade Students
7th and 8th grade students...various learning styles and abilities...I would like to use hands-on, interest grabbing activities to teach grammar and mechanics. Do you have any grammar and writing software that could work for them?... read more

My 8th graders can't write an essay! What middle school writing software do you recommend?
My students need a lot of help with their writing. They need help with paragraph formation, beginning, middle, and endings of stories, and details in an... read more

Need Math software for my ADHD son.
I am looking for a math program to keep my son's mind from getting cold during the summer. He is moving from 5th to 6th grade. I want to strengthen his abilities he is ADHD. Can you help... read more

Writing mechanics help desperately wanted!
Problems with following through on writing strategies with appropriate use of syntax, grammar, and sometimes, punctuation. They need reinforcement on how and why to use certain verb tenses and how to differentiate between complex and compound/complex sentences. They need to understand that proper... read more

My son needs help with math. Which Mathematics Software do you recommend?
He is below reading 1 grade I think, he is in 6th going in 7th. Very weak in Math. Have a hard time understanding or grasping. Gives up when he feels the teacher is tired of him. Does not want to participate because he feel that he will be wrong.... read more

My son needs help with sixth grade reading and writing.
I have a 6th grader who is struggling with basic writing skills and vocabulary. I intend on obtaining a tutor but would like a computer program that would assist in these areas as well. Can you suggest the proper... read more

Vocabulary Software
Hi, I would like to purchase a vocabulary program for my daughter, who is going into 8th grade. She does read a lot, so her vocabulary isn't bad to begin with. I would like something that will provide enrichment. I was thinking of your "stretch" programs, but was hesitating between your 4-10... read more

Trouble in English and in Math.
I have a child who has just completed the 6th grade. He is having trouble in English (grammar) and in Math (fractions). Will your program work one-on-one? He needs the... read more

How to achieve state standards in Education.
I work with students who are not achieving state standards on the Math and Language Arts assessments. In my classroom we work on basic skills to help the achieve passing standards for these... read more

My son needs help with High School Reading, Writing and Math.
My son is going to be 15 this Christmas and is falling further behind in school. He no longer wants to even try to do better. He attended summer school this past summer and at the mid point of the first grading period he is failing four of his classes. His school will be testing for learning... read more

Middle School Writing Software.
Which of your programs do you recommend for 7th graders with VERY poor writing skills (both grammar and process writing)? My students are at least 2 grades behind. Thank you.... read more

Need help preparing students for FCAT Writes test
I am needing assistance with remediation classes of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who are preparing for the FCAT Writes test. Some students can't write a sentence and others need help with paragraphs. Does the Essay Punch include the 4 purposes (persuasive, expository, etc.) and does it include the 5... read more

Sixth grade math assistance.
Hi. My son is in 6th grade and his math skills are very very weak. He was OK in math until 3rd grade and after that he has gotten terrible results every year. He says math is just "not his thing" but he's a smart boy and I know he could do it. I don't know where ti start helping him. Any... read more

Reading comprehension is awful.
Hello. My brother is in 6th grade and is very smart but his reading comprehension is awful. Do you have any programs that can help him?... read more

Educational Software for Homeschools
I am wondering about using your system in homeschooling my child in the 8th... read more

Leap Test is coming up and my 8th graders aren't ready.
My students are 8th grade. Some of them are 8.5 students who did not pass my state's testing requirement. for Louisiana, it is the Leap Test. We are now taking practice test for this Leap Test that is coming in March. As I work with my students, I am discovering that they don't know basic... read more

Need Some Motivation in Math Class
I'm not working hard enough in my math class. I need some learning tools to help and motivate me to improve my... read more

7th grade grammar help
7th grader who is having trouble with proper grammar. We've tried workbooks and tutors. Nothing helps. Any... read more

7th grade help with all subjects.
I have a 13 yr old boy in 7th grade he is struggling in all core areas [ie math reading writing] I am looking for something that covers all of these areas that he could do at home instead of spending the money for a tutor. Would your Intermediate skills pack cover all of these areas or do I have... read more

ADD Software for my son
My son is 13 years old . he will be entering 8th grade next year. he has a learning disabilty in written expression and he is add. he can\'t write a short story or a essay. he is agood reader. he needs help so he can pass the writting. help... read more

Starting a paragraph
How do you start a... read more

12 year old has always had a problem with reading and writing
My son is 12 and in 8th grade. Has always had a problem with reading and writing. He cannot spell very well and cannot write an essay. He has been in resource classes for 4 years. Can you... read more

Reading Tutorial
My son is in the sixth grade and having trouble with his reading comprehension. He says he does not understand what he is reading and he does not have enough time in class to convert what he is reading to his way of understanding andtehn do the... read more

My daughter writes run-on sentences
My daughter can form a sentence, but her sentence are to long. She don't quite know how to put her thoughts on paper. She has difficulty structuring the beginning, the middle and the conclusion when she writes. Sometime she is all over the page with her... read more

My daughter has difficulty with reading comprehension
My daughter is having a little trouble choosing the best multiple choice answers for the stories that she reads. She often writes run on sentences when she writes a paragraph or an... read more

12 year old with ADD
12 yr old with ADD. Cannot focus for very long and often misses the directions of the reading/writing required. Cannot keep up with the reading assignments and has very poor spelling habits. She cannot remember the rules etc. She wants to write like she... read more

Daughter is struggling in FFA math class
My daughter is attending a charter school in Arkansas. She is taking a math class called Foundations For Algebra or FFA Math. She is struggling in the class and I'm not sure how I can help her. She is doing fine in all her other classes at or above level. Maybe you have some ideas on how we can... read more

Student needs to improve math skills to prepare for the PSSA test
My child will be taking an important PSSA test next March for High School. I just want my child above grade level by then. My child loves to read and she is starting to enjoy... read more

Student needs to gain reading fluency and improve test scores
My student can decode the meaning of what he reads, but has some trouble with fluency and difficulty with comprehension. He is not a good test-taker. What programs would you... read more

Automated computer based software
I am looking for an automated computer based software prodcut that will engage two 14 year old 8th graders, who are reading at a 4th grade level. Do you have the product for me? I work for a non profit and need an economical solution for our kids that are... read more

12 year old who needs reading and vocabulary help
I have a 12 year old (8th grade) who struggles in school. With alot of help from me, she is able to keep a low B average, but she wants better. She is active in school activities and is afraid her grades will someday affect that. We know that the problem is reading comprehension. She reads on a... read more

Math Tutor
she is a girl that is 12 and she needs help with her division, multiplication,and fractions.I need some math tutor program to help her.... read more

Reading Comprehension Tutorial
My son is 13, and cannot comprehend what he is reading - particularly fiction. He is frustrated and so are we. Do you have any reading tutorial that can help... read more

Persuasive Writing
Need help learning to answer persuasive writing topics. I don't know where to start. Any suggestions or recommendations? ... read more

Cannot afford a tutor
My son has been tested by an agency and an individual regarding his reading level and was assessed at the low end of 5th grade. I can not afford the agency nor the personal tutor to tutor my child. What do you offer to help a parent that doesn't have a... read more

At-risk, stuggling, students need vocabulary help
"At risk," struggling, students. African american males. Need help with... read more

Problems wth Grammar, Writing and Algebra
My son has problems with grammar and writing. He is in 8th grade and his handwriting is poor. Also he is struggling with algebra. Do you have anything that can... read more

6th grade writing help
My daughter & son are in the sixth grade. Both of them get a lot of writing assignments. They both need help in... read more

MEAP writing test help
My seventh graders took the MEAP test in the winter and scored very low in the writing section. I had been reviewing writing and essay techniques with them, but obviously I need to do more. I will have them again in the 8th grade and I want to make sure they have the writing skills they need in... read more

Reading comprehension program for the eighth grade level
conscientious student but has not been taught sufficient grammar and writing skills and help in comprehension for the eighth grade... read more

Corrective Reading Help Needed for Proud Student
My son has experienced a life-time of learning challenges due to ADHD. The good news is that he has become a highly motivated student. The bad news is that his school has identified him as needing a corrective reading course and this news has devistated him. He is proud to have gotten straight A s... read more

6th grade pre-algebra help
I am a student in 6th grade and I need help with my math. I am not doing good in pre-algebra, and am having hard time finding good programs. Can you... read more

Help for 11 year old to improve math over the summer
My daughter is going into sixth grade this fall and I know things are going to get harder for her. She is has learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADD. Math is the hardest subject for her to comprehend and she forgets it easily. I want her to be ready when school starts so what are some ideas... read more

Math Intervention
Looking for new and innovative ideas for math intervention at the middle school. We are willing to do this during the school day and before or after school. Our interventions could be school wide or by grade level with 6th and 7th grade being our greatest concern.... read more

6 Traits Writing and Paragraph Punch
How does 6 Traits Writing compare to Paragraph... read more

Decoding help
I am looking for a language arts program that teaches my 14 yr old son to "decode" words and read better. He was labled LD in the public school sytem. I now have a home education program. After reading the information about your program, I was not sure if it deals with " decoding" words.... read more

Summer math for 8th grader
I would like a software program that my 8th grade son can use over the summer to re-learn, refresh and practice all math he has been exposed to 6-8th grades.... read more

5th grade test scores, but in 7th grade
My son is 13 and in the 7th grade. He is scoring at 5th grade level in reading and language... read more

8th grade algebra software
My 8th grader needs help with algebra. I have had a difficult time finding suitable programs for him. Can you... read more

Middle School Special Education
I teach Special Education in the Middle School setting. My students range from grades 6-8. They have special needs in Reading Comprehension, Process Writing, Reading Fundamentals, Writing Mechanics-Grammar, and Vocabulary. Their reading comprehension is 2-4 years below grade level.... read more

Very weak writing skills
My students have very weak writing skills. I came into the district last year and took on students who have poor grammar, vocabulary, and so many other problems. However, they do have potential to... read more

Some of my students are below reading level
Some of my students are below reading level. I've tried just about everything to bring them up to level, but nothing is working. I need to try something else, please... read more

State test scores are in the toilet
I teach all eighth graders English. Our state test scores are in the toilet 3 - 8. I want a software program that I can practice with my students until the curriculum is... read more

Paragraph writing lessons
Is Paragraph Punch useful for paragraph writing... read more

Practice Software for Writing
My child needs help with writing skills. I'm looking for some way to give him interactive... read more

6th grade ESL student reading below level needs help
We have just finished an assessment on a 6th grade ESL - spanish student and the team has determined that some of his reading difficulty could be attributed to the fact that he is ESL, but that he did not make gains in reading through the last year even with the additional supports provided to him.... read more

Essay Writing Software
My students cannot write an essay to save their lives. Do you have any essay writing software that will help... read more

TAKS Practice Software
I'm looking for some good TAKS practice software. I need to improve our test scores, but our kids don't like using anything that teaches to the to the test. Can you help... read more

Reinforcing the Writing Process
One of our School Improvement Plan's goals is that teachers will reinforce the writing process "as evidenced by student artifacts and walkthroughs." Do you have a software program that will help us in this... read more

Novel units to improve reading comprehension
I work with struggling readers. I'm looking for ways to use novel units to improve their reading comprehension and... read more

Reading Intervention Strategies and Programs
I am looking for easy-to-use and effective reading intervention strategies programs at our middle school. We are willing to do this during the school day and before or after school. Our interventions could be school wide or by grade level with 6th and 7th grade being our greatest concern.... read more

Grammar Learning Tools for Middle School
Looking for interactive, English grammar exercises for my 6th grade... read more

Book Clubs for Middle School
I'd like to use a book club to support reluctant readers in a middle school setting. I'm looking for new and engaging teaching tools to help me make this... read more

Searching for Web-Based English Language Arts Content
We are searching for web-based, English Langauge Arts content for our 6-8 and 9-12 grades. Can you help... read more

Looking at web-based writing and grammar programs
We're looking at some web-based student-driven programs to increase skills in all areas, especially writing and grammar. I would like to present this to my School Improvement Team as an idea we can look into for next school year. We are also trying to find ways to include Response to... read more

Educational software to help middle school ld student writing skills
I work in a middle school and my school is looking to purchase educational software to help students with learning disabilities improve their writing skills.... read more

Middle School Reading Applications
Looking for middle school reading applications to use both inside and outside the... read more

Online Vocabulary Building Games Middle School
Hi, I'm looking for online vocabulary building games to use with middle school students. My students have a wide range of abilities, so I need something that I can use with as many of them as possible. I'd also like to track my students' progress as they work. What do you have that I can... read more

Grammar Review Software for Middle School
I am looking for an app or a software that will help my students review the parts of speech. Tracking and/or diagnostic is a... read more

Reading Comprehension Assessment Needed
We are looking for a reading comprehension assessment software program to use when testing incoming 7th graders and transfer students. What do you have that can help us? Thank... read more

Read180 versus Merit Reading
We are currently using Read180. We are looking for alternatives. Read180 is too complicated for our staff. It also requires students to spend a lot of time on skills that do not seem directly relevant to impoving their comprehension. How does Merit Reading compare to... read more

I need help with my middle school class beginning reading skills
Hello, I am a teacher at a middle school teacher in New York and my students are struggling with their beginning reading skills, specifically reading comprehension. The class is below level and I wanted to know what I could do to help them perform better. With the new common core, I am worried... read more

Students are performing below level in middle school beginning reading
My students are really struggling to understand reading assignments. The assignments given are already below level and it is effecting their test scores. What do you offer that can help... read more

Students seem to learn reading better from interactive software
My students seem to retain lessons better from software programs and I am looking to put all my students on software for the upcoming school year. What is the best reading software you... read more

I need help teaching my students sentence completion and confidence in writing.
I am a teacher in Maryland and my students have trouble forming thoughts, creating coherent sentences and general writing confidence. In the past we have used a combination of workbooks and other techniques but nothing seems to work. Please let me know what suggestions you would make to... read more

I need help finding a solution that can let me reuse seats if students change classes.
Hello, I am head of the English department at a school in Texas. I am looking for a tool that can help my 5th graders become more proficient in their writing. We are looking to help out students excel and would appreciate any help we can get.... read more

My students are doing great with grammar but struggling with reading comprehension
My Students are struggling with reading comprehension but they are at level with their grammar. They mostly struggle with reading longer passages.... read more

I need some help with my students - Grammar Skills are Poor
What can I do to help my students become more proficient with their grammar skills? They are middle school students that are currently performing below... read more

Grammar Software for Homeschool
I homeschool and I'm looking for grammar software for my son. I also want a way to track his progress. Can you help... read more

Poor reading comprehension for my 5th grade students
My 5th grade students are reading poorly. They often do not understand the content they are reading even when they pronounce the words clearly. Can you help me with my... read more

My students have challenge learning reading skills, they are often below level.
My students, mostly 4th-6th grade, have trouble reading. I am worried that they are not going to be prepared to advance and I want to make sure they build the skills they need. What can I do to help my... read more

Below Average Reading Comprehension Scores - Need Help!
My students are struggling this year and they find the workbooks to be boring. I am looking for some other options that may keep them more engaged. Right now, the level of work is poor and I want to make sure that they understand the skills they need to move... read more

My son can't focus, he is struggling in school.
Hello, My son is a high functioning student that suffers from ADHD, in the past he has always been able to complete his work but with reading comprehension he seems to now be struggling. What types of software can we use to help him understand the material better? Thank... read more

Some of my 5th grade students grades are not good.
The majority of the class is completing assignments on time and at level but I have a few students that are challenged by the material in reading comprehension and grammar. What can I do to help them get... read more

Need to Raise ELA Test Scores
Just got our state ELA test scores back. We are in a Common Core state and we need to do something to raise them. Can you... read more

Blended Learning for Grades 4- 12
Looking for blended learning options for grades 4- 12 to help with English Language Arts. Can you... read more

Looking for Writing Mechanics Help
Looking for writing mechanics material for secondary school students with a wide range of abilities. How can you help... read more

Looking for Common Core Summer Skill Help
Looking for summer academic activities to help my 6th and 8th graders. We are in a Common Core state. Can you... read more

Desperate for more reading help
Hi, I just got my 8th grade grandson from foster care. I was stunned to learn he reads at a 3rd grade level. He worked with a tutor for a little while, and it helped, but he needs further help. He tried some of your demos and liked them. He told me he didn't want me to watch him over his... read more

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