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Motivating Boys in Reading


Area of Concern: Reading Comprehension

Submitted by: Teacher

Grade Level: Elementary School

Competency: At Level

I have a few boys in my class that just don’t like to read. They are decent readers. It’s not that they can’t read, they just dont want to or like to. Any tips on helping them like it more? Thanks!



Thanks for your inquiry. We’ve helped many teachers get their students motivated about reading. Our most popular program for this purpose is Reading Comprehension Booster. It provides high interest, lower level material that helps students improve their reading comprehension, as well as increase and utilize their reading skills.

I also suggest you look at Reading Skill Builder. It has a variety of reading activities (vocabulary-in-context, main idea, author’s purpose, etc.) that help students transition to read at higher levels. The program has explanations for each answer and provides a lot of support for struggling readers.

Students see their scores and progress while using both programs. Boys (and girls) are motivated to achieve higher levels while using the software.

Good luck!

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