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My daughter is struggling in all areas of reading and spelling.


Area of Concern: Reading Comprehension

Submitted by: Parent

Grade Level: Elementary School

Competency: Below Level

My daughter is struggling in all areas of reading and spelling. If I order the 2 programs suggested how often will she need to use the programs? Once a day? 3 times a week? Please let me know how soon we will see results compared to $500 tutor at a private reading center ex: Huntington Learning Centers? It looks like this program will work at the child‚’s own pace. How long will this program last and will I need to order more CD’s if she does progress? Thanks.



We suggest Early Reading Booster and Reading Comprehension Booster for your daughter. The will help your daughter get her reading skills up to grade level and prepare for middle school.

The time that a student spends working on each program varies. If the student grasps the material quickly, then they will work through the lesson quickly. If a student is struggling, then I will take them longer to work through the exercises.

At Merit we do not base our software on “hours of instruction,‚” since this is not a meaningful measure of student achievement. We base our software on a student‚’s advancement from one skill level to the next. Our software helps a student reach the next skill level as quickly as possible.

Once the student has mastered all the skills in all the lessons then he or she will be ready to move on to the next level, and you will need to purchase another program. In order to save money we suggest buying one of our software bundles, which combine multiple programs together.

All Merit‚’s software provides context sensitive tips and step-by-step instruction that guides students through each lesson and helps them grasp difficult concepts.

Merit Software's Solutions lists many more programs can help with your educational success. For a complete list, please visit Merit Solutions.

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