Need Better Way to Boost College Writing Skills


Area of Concern: Writing Mechanics & Grammar

Submitted by: Teacher

Grade Level: Adult

Competency: Below Level

Many of my students are Hispanic and are among the first in their families to go to college. Plus, over 20% of the class are students from either the Middle East or China. Our college is looking for a better way to improve first year writing skills. We want a tool that students can use on their own time. Our learning support specialists must be easily able to learn to use the program with hundreds of students. We tried one grammar program, but it was connected with outside textbooks my class does not use. We also tried a program that catches grammar errors while students write; it did not measurably change outcomes for our students. Can Merit help us?



Merit grammar and writing programs are used by many colleges and universities for the purpose you’ve described. I am sure we can help you too. Our most popular program for this purpose is Grammar Fitness. It provides students with interactive grammar exercises that help students master difficult issues of English grammar. After an assessment, students advance through the program at their own pace. They receive frequent explanations for their answers, whether the response is right or wrong. Scores are tracked in a management system that allows instructors to easily view and monitor progress. We also recommend you look at Essay Punch. Essay Punch guides students through the process of writing a clear and concise essay. Built-in prompts guide students while they work. Finished works are easy for learning specialists to review.
Need Better Way to Boost College Writing Skills
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