Online Vocabulary Building Games Middle School


Area of Concern: Vocabulary

Submitted by: Teacher

Grade Level: Middle School

Competency: At Level

Hi, I’m looking for online vocabulary building games to use with middle school students. My students have a wide range of abilities, so I need something that I can use with as many of them as possible. I’d also like to track my students’ progress as they work. What do you have that I can use?



We’ve helped many middle school teachers build their students’ vocabulary with games. Our best products for this purpose are Confused Words Fix-Up and Vocabulary Stretch. Confused Words Fix-Up helps students learn commonly misused English words. It has an engaging, but straightforward, format. Students receive immediate explanations for answers whether responses are right or wrong. Vocabulary Stretch teaches root words, word origins, and words commonly used in academic English. The program’s design uses context-clues, multiple word exposures, and suitable distracting answers to build student vocabulary. Both programs are 100% web-based and track student progress online.
Online Vocabulary Building Games Middle School
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