Online word games to improve English?


Area of Concern: Merit has helped many English language learners practice their vocabulary skills. In particular, I recommend you look at Vocabulary Stretch Online and Confused Words Fix-Up. Confused Words Fix-Up helps students master commonly misused words. Vocabulary Stretch Online helps students recognize challenging words in different contexts, and improves command of academic English. In addition, students’ scores are automatically tracked in an easy-to-use management system for instructors

Submitted by: At Level

Grade Level: Vocabulary

Competency: ESL Students

I am looking for some online word games to help my college ESL/EFL students practice using English. I have already found games like hangman, crossword puzzles, and other variations of word puzzles. I do not know how to describe what I am looking for other than to say “something else



“” that is age appropriate and “”interesting””.”
Online word games to improve English?
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