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Answers: Reading Comprehension

Comprehension and vocabulary skills are below the average
My daughter has just received her school report and it stated her comprehension and vocabulary skills are below the average for her level. Can you help me with this?... read more

GED Software for teen moms.
I teach in the Even Start program--a program for teen moms and their babies. These moms have not been successful in the traditional school setting. We are trying to prepare these moms to enter either college or the workforce and become productive citizens. Some may attain the goal of passing the... read more

4th grade reading software and exercises for tutor
I am looking for reading software and exercises to help a 4th grader that I am tutoring. We need activities to use while reading and... read more

Unmotivated Students
My students are not motivated and find reading boring. They have difficulty comprehending themes within the story and often miss the underlying messages. What can I do to help... read more

My son reads fast with poor comprehension.
Ethan is 9 years old. His reading decoding skills are well developed. He tends to read quickly. He has difficulty with saliency determination and inferential thought processes for reading. He does better when he reads aloud. He is writing a standardized entrance exam in 3 weeks and needs to quickly... read more

9 year old reads poorly affecting other subjects.
9 year old female. At or slightly below grade level in all subjects but at 2nd grade in reading/comprehension which is creating limitations in her sciences and other subjects now requiring extensive reading. Plan to home-school her if adequate, affordable resources can be... read more

High School Students need help with Reading Comprehension
High School Students need help with Reading Comprehension I have 17 9th and 10th grade students who scored low on the reading comprehension of the TAP test. They are not motivated to improve their skills. I need activities to help them... read more

High School Students with No Critical Thinking Ability
The students here are from a rural area, many of which have not been outside their most immediate environment. They have a carefree attitude that shows they could care less if they attain knowledge of any sort, and many do not see the need to learn any more than their grandparents learned. They... read more

Hardworking student has no reading comprehension.
Student has always had a reading problem, but has the heart of a lion. The student works very hard at the level of the class but comprehension of reading materials puts this student behind no matter... read more

Software for Elementary School Student
I am a new homeschooling parent and my child has always read above grade level. I was told when he was in the 5th grade that he was reading at a 12th grade reading level. But when we sat down to read the book we are working on for this nine weeks at home (Dragon wings), he is having an extremely... read more

Native American Student who have never read a book.
Native American Students at a Tribal school on an Indian reservation. Low motivation to read. Many students have never read a... read more

University student with poor comprehension and writing skills.
I am currently a third-year student at a four-year university. I would like to improve my comprehension and essay writing. As a student with poor reading and writing skills it takes twice as long to complete assignments. I was hoping a program like this may help with assignment time. Thank... read more

Reading Comprehension Software for Autistic child.
My student is a very high functioning autistic fourth grader whose greatest difficulty is reading comprehension. I am home schooling and finding it increasingly difficult to meet his reading comprehension... read more

My son needs help with High School Reading, Writing and Math.
My son is going to be 15 this Christmas and is falling further behind in school. He no longer wants to even try to do better. He attended summer school this past summer and at the mid point of the first grading period he is failing four of his classes. His school will be testing for learning... read more

I need a program with many ESL Practice Exercises - Can you help?
Hi. I am Spanish student and I'm having trouble with English. I'm taking SAT's next semester and need lots of practice. Do you have software that can help me? Thanks a lot.... read more

Do you have programs with ESL practice exercices?
I come from Spain and my English is not so good. I'm in freshman but there is the HSPT test (reading part) I failed. Do you have programs with lots of practice for me at good price? Thanks in advance.... read more

What program should I choose for High School Reading Comprehension?
All of your programs seem like they would be a great help for my students, however, I intend to purchase 30 stations and my budget only allows me to get two. Which one's would you suggest to better prepare my 11th graders for their SAT's (reading comp.... read more

Third grade reading help
I have a beautiful, bright 9 year old daughter who is able to recode just about any word but has very poor reading comprehension. I'm not sure what the problem is, but she isn't doing very well in school these days. Can you... read more

Software to Improve SAT scores
Which product would you recommend for a junior who wants to improve critical reading skills for... read more

I have a 9th grade son who is ADD and needs help with reading comprehension.
I have a 9th grade son who is ADD -inattentive. He is having trouble with reading comprehension. What would you... read more

Reading comprehension is awful.
Hello. My brother is in 6th grade and is very smart but his reading comprehension is awful. Do you have any programs that can help him?... read more

Accelerated Reader and Merit Software
I am a parent of 2 teenagers. My two children are doing great in school. They are both in IB and get straight A's. I am, however, concerned about the 400 or so students that are barely reading above 8th grade level. I am interested in starting a program for the school that helps them. I spoke with... read more

Hooked on Phonics helped my child to read - but her reading comprehension is lacking
My child has been using hooked on Phonics and is a good reader but her reading comprehension is lacking. She has to re-read the same texts over and over to understand them. She is in 3rd grade. Do you have any programs that can help her?... read more

9th Grade students need help with English literature
My 9th grade students are struggling in my Literature class. They have no interest in literature or in English or in school. I am a recent graduate and I'm not sure how to help them. Any... read more

Getting 10th grader to read is like pulling teeth
My child is in the 10th grade. Getting him to read is just like pulling teeth. Will the Vocabulary Super Stretch help him with the PSAT or... read more

Still Interested in Reading Better
I'm an grandfather who is still interested to learn a little something! Can you help me with... read more

My child did poorly on his 4th grade test.
My child is an excellent student. We just received his New York State English Language Test Scores. He did poorly. He states that he ran out of time. I also know that he had a lot of test anxiety, because they stress that the fourth grade testing is important. Is there any program that you... read more

ADD Software for my son
My son is 13 years old . he will be entering 8th grade next year. he has a learning disabilty in written expression and he is add. he can\'t write a short story or a essay. he is agood reader. he needs help so he can pass the writting. help... read more

Help with Reading Comprehension
cannot easily comprehend the text... read more

Software for my bilingual students.
Basic problem with them is their bilingual nature. most of the times, they listen me teaching but they don't respond. They don't even have the capacity to read the lines.The language English becomes a mystery to them. They seem to be mesmorised but they don't understand. When reading damages their... read more

Reading program for college placement test
My daughter just took her placement tests for college. She did well in math, sentence structure, and essay. She needed a 78 in reading comprehension but got a 51. Do you have a general reading comprehension program for her age... read more

Parent need some guideline on reading comprehension.
parent need some guideline on reading comprehension.... read more

Help with Reading Comprehension - My daughter forgets what she reads.
My daughter is pretty smart. However, when she has a Reading Comprehension Test, it is hard to answer questions because she forgets what she has read... read more

Trouble with Reading Comprehension
she's a 15year and having problems with reading , having problem comprehending what she has read.... read more

15 year old having problems with reading comprehension
She's a 15 year and having problems with reading, having problem comprehending what she has read.... read more

Reading Tutorial
My son is in the sixth grade and having trouble with his reading comprehension. He says he does not understand what he is reading and he does not have enough time in class to convert what he is reading to his way of understanding andtehn do the... read more

My daughter is struggling in all areas of reading and spelling.
My daughter is struggling in all areas of reading and spelling. If I order the 2 programs suggested how often will she need to use the programs? Once a day? 3 times a week? Please let me know how soon we will see results compared to $500 tutor at a private reading center ex: Huntington Learning... read more

My daughter has difficulty with reading comprehension
My daughter is having a little trouble choosing the best multiple choice answers for the stories that she reads. She often writes run on sentences when she writes a paragraph or an... read more

Adult student seeks to improve reading comprehension
I would like to read faster without reading over and over to get the full message of what I just read. I want to be able to read a document without reading double and I would like to be able to tell you what I just read. I would like to learn the strategies. I have to give summary reports on... read more

Student needs to gain reading fluency and improve test scores
My student can decode the meaning of what he reads, but has some trouble with fluency and difficulty with comprehension. He is not a good test-taker. What programs would you... read more

12 year old who needs reading and vocabulary help
I have a 12 year old (8th grade) who struggles in school. With alot of help from me, she is able to keep a low B average, but she wants better. She is active in school activities and is afraid her grades will someday affect that. We know that the problem is reading comprehension. She reads on a... read more

Reading Comprehension Tutorial
My son is 13, and cannot comprehend what he is reading - particularly fiction. He is frustrated and so are we. Do you have any reading tutorial that can help... read more

Text to Speech and Reading
I am looking for a good computer based reading program that starts with the basics and moves forward only when the child has mastered the skill and reviews frequently? Also, I would like a program with... read more

Wilson Reading is Not Enough
I use Wilson Reading with my 4th and 5th grade resource students. It is great with decoding, but I want something to use in addition to it that focuses on comprehension. I am looking for a program with assessments, and opportunities for the kids to move from level to level. Any suggestions? Thanks... read more

Computer Reading Program Needed
I am looking for a computer component to my reading program that involves many at risk, special education readers who need to boost their skills. I am looking for things that they can read independently on the computer and then be tested on their comprehension, but includes vocabulary, grammar,... read more

Cannot afford a tutor
My son has been tested by an agency and an individual regarding his reading level and was assessed at the low end of 5th grade. I can not afford the agency nor the personal tutor to tutor my child. What do you offer to help a parent that doesn't have a... read more

Reading is too difficult
When I try and reading I don't undertand too much words and it makes difficult for me and very slow. How should I change things to improve my reading? I sorry for my English which is very... read more

auditory processing disorder
I home school my fourth grade son who has an auditory processing disorder. He is a strong phoenetic reader but struggles with comprehension. Because of this, we have him reading approximately 1 grade level behind. Would this program help him?... read more

5th grader reads well but does not comprehend
My grandson is in 5th grade and reads well but does not comprehend nor retain what he... read more

Reading Comprehension Below State Assessment Standards
I need help selecting programs that would best benefit my daughter. She is a 5th grader, who reads slightly below grade level. Recent Michigan State Assessment results indicted she is below standards in reading, writing, math and science. While a fluent reader and good speller, she does not seem... read more

10 year old reads well, but does not comprehend
10 year old reads well on grade level but does not fully comprehend what he has read nor retain... read more

9th grader with vocabulary, reading skills at 5th grade level
My son is a 9th grader who has always made A's and B's. We transfered him to a private college prep school and have found his vocabulary, reading and written language skills are way below grade level (5th grade). How do we get started to bring him to grade level and... read more

TOEIC practice
We are looking for teaching materials for a TOEIC prep class. Which teaching materials we should begin... read more

Having difficulty in comprehending my reading material for work and school
I am having difficulty in comprehending my reading material for work and school. My problems are hurting me in trying to get my degree. Can you help... read more

Trouble with improper and equivalent fractions
My son is having trouble understanding improper and equivalent fractions. Can you help... read more

Best software for improving 9th grade comprehension
My son will be graduating from 8th grade and will attend HS this fall. His reading comprehension is poor and he is reading below his grade level (7th grade). His grammar skills are average, but could be improved as well. Please recommend software for improving reading comprehension and grammar... read more

How to begin an essay
My college writing assignment is to write an essay about a personal experiece with reading. I know of my experience, I just don't know how to begin the... read more

Need help understanding big words
trying to pass ged reading test. need help in understanding big... read more

Reading comprehension program for the eighth grade level
conscientious student but has not been taught sufficient grammar and writing skills and help in comprehension for the eighth grade... read more

Has a hard time understanding what is being read
Student did not graduate from H.S. Been out of school for about 15 years, knows how to read words but sometimes has a hard time understanding what is being read. Thank... read more

Help with Dyslexia, Processing, and Short Term Memory Issues
I have a 15 yr old child with several academic learning disabilities: dyslexia, processing, and short term memory difficulty. Are any of these programs set up to help. Will he be able to do these... read more

Corrective Reading Help Needed for Proud Student
My son has experienced a life-time of learning challenges due to ADHD. The good news is that he has become a highly motivated student. The bad news is that his school has identified him as needing a corrective reading course and this news has devistated him. He is proud to have gotten straight A s... read more

Problems with comprehension and report writing
My daughter has problems with comprehension, report writing, putting a story line together. She isn't overly interested in reading. She is a very motivated student however and works extremely... read more

Severe reading comprehension problem
I am an adult 29 in nursing program. I have a severe reading comprehension problem. I do horrible in tests because I don't understand the and I tend to pick the wrong answer. Do you have a program for... read more

Decoding help
I am looking for a language arts program that teaches my 14 yr old son to "decode" words and read better. He was labled LD in the public school sytem. I now have a home education program. After reading the information about your program, I was not sure if it deals with " decoding" words.... read more

ITED test prep
I am working with a child in Iowa that needs to take the ITED tests in late October. He is a junior this year. Do you have a software package for this? Do I need to know more specific information about the specific... read more

7th grade level reading help
I have a 29 year old nephew that was pushed through school and socially promoted, because he was a problem child. He can read at about a 7th grade level, but I am not exactly sure off his reading level, so I want to know that the programs will not be to easy for him. Do you have a system that... read more

ACT reading score help
My daughter is a senior in High School and recently scored a 15 on the reading section of the ACT test. She must inprove fast in order to retake the test and qualify for a scholarship. Theses are also skills she must have in order to due well in college. Which program will best help her. I... read more

CAHSEE prep help
Below level students in reading and math who want to pass the California High School Exit Exam... read more

Hello, my daughter is 17 and is having to repeat the 12th grade because she didn't pass the CAHSEE and she is reading at grade level 7.8 Since the 5th grade, she has been having problems retaining what she learned and also, she needs help with comprehension. I need to know if you have a program... read more

9th grade reading help
Student will be in the 9th grade next school year. Public school. In Honors Reading Language Arts & Algebra. He is weak in comprehension most likely due to minimal interest in reading. Only reads when required to do... read more

Remedial students cannot understand story
Remedial students who can retell a story but not necessarily understand... read more

Staying focused while reading
My son readily admits he has difficulty staying focused when reading. When he can struggle through, he can understand what he just read and can correctly answer questions if given immediately after the reading. A day or two later is a real... read more

Need Help with Reading Comprehension on FCAT
I'm looking for a software program to use for the summer to help my son entering high school. He doesn't like to read and scores low on FCAT testing in reading... read more

School says he should take remedial classes
14 year old male. School district says he should be in remedial program based on one test showing his performance at the 8th grade level with strong vocabulary skills. He is making A's in all subject except language arts, in which it is a high B. I disagree that he needs a remedial program. ... read more

College level reading difficulty
I am a first year nursing student and it seems I am experiencing difficulty reading at college... read more

5th grade test scores, but in 7th grade
My son is 13 and in the 7th grade. He is scoring at 5th grade level in reading and language... read more

Problem spelling and sounding out words.
I'm 24 years old with a reading problem. I can read pretty good. My problem is sounding out words and spelling words. Is there anything I can do to improve my reading and spelling... read more

Reading comprehension program for independent study
We work with students grades 7-12 in an independent study (one on one) school. Most of our students are below grade level in reading comprehension. We are looking for an appropriate computer based program that students can do independently and doesn't require classroom teaching. Which of your... read more

Trying to improve my spelling and reading skills
I am trying to find something to help me improve my spelling and reading... read more

Some of my students are below reading level
Some of my students are below reading level. I've tried just about everything to bring them up to level, but nothing is working. I need to try something else, please... read more

State test scores are in the toilet
I teach all eighth graders English. Our state test scores are in the toilet 3 - 8. I want a software program that I can practice with my students until the curriculum is... read more

Suggestions for Summer Reading Help
My fourth grade son is reading a little below level. Can you suggest any activities I can do with him this summer to improve his reading... read more

What are the differences between the units of Reading Shape Up?
I have the Reading Shape Up Home version. Can you please tell me the differences between Units 1, 2 and 3 of set 1? Are they just the same, but with different questions, is there a step up to challenge the child more, or do I need to consider the next program? Also....Overall, in the Unit 1... read more

Literature Circles and Writing
I am looking for an effective way to combine Literature Circles with writing. Can I use your products to produce any writing from from their reading and if so, what kind?... read more

Best elementary school reading program
I am trying to design an ideal elementary school reading program for a class. Money is not a problem. This is for an urban district, which is where I work. What do you have that would be most effective? At this point, struggling readers are pulled out for reading recovery, Reading 180 and... read more

Subsitution to Reading Logs for Educators
Do you have an idea instead of reading logs? Our 5th graders just aren't doing them and then it becomes a real pain in the butt for the teachers. Also they are just reading the back of the book and writing about that.... read more

Main Idea / Supporting Details
Do you have any ideas to help my students find main ideas with supporting details that doesn't involve resource... read more

6th grade ESL student reading below level needs help
We have just finished an assessment on a 6th grade ESL - spanish student and the team has determined that some of his reading difficulty could be attributed to the fact that he is ESL, but that he did not make gains in reading through the last year even with the additional supports provided to him.... read more

Novel units to improve reading comprehension
I work with struggling readers. I'm looking for ways to use novel units to improve their reading comprehension and... read more

Reading Intervention Strategies and Programs
I am looking for easy-to-use and effective reading intervention strategies programs at our middle school. We are willing to do this during the school day and before or after school. Our interventions could be school wide or by grade level with 6th and 7th grade being our greatest concern.... read more

Reading Intervention Program?
I am looking for some advice on a reading intervention program that you would recommend for 9th graders other than Voyager or Read180. The program would be used with struggling readers in the school.... read more

Book Clubs for Middle School
I'd like to use a book club to support reluctant readers in a middle school setting. I'm looking for new and engaging teaching tools to help me make this... read more

Looking for reading software programs for fourth and fifth graders
I am looking for reading software programs for fourth and fifth graders. I prefer web-based software. Do you have anything that can help... read more

Help: Grade 4 Reading Comprehension and Writing
I am a resource room teacher and I teach math and ELA. I have 4th graders who are in need of comprehension skills and writing with main idea and details. The writing piece also includes organization and writing with a clear beginning middle and end. I have used different organizers, cut outs with... read more

ELA Test Prep
I am new to teaching 5th grade and in a testing year at that. Any suggestions about how to handle test prep for the reading test?... read more

Classroom Reading Intervention Needed
This year I have several students who need lots of help with reading comprehension. Since primary, the students were taught text to self, text, and the world, main idea and details, as well as a number of reading techniques - predict, reread, ask questions, etc. Yet, their state testing scores... read more

Middle School Reading Applications
Looking for middle school reading applications to use both inside and outside the... read more

Looking for Reading Comprehension App for 5th Grader
I am looking for a reading comprehension app for a 5th grader. Speficially, I am looking for something where the student reads a passage and responds to questions... read more

Help Needed with RTI Tier 2 Students
My school is 90% free/red. lunch; our RTI pyramid is inverted. HUGE percentage is Tier 2. Can you help... read more

Reading Programs for Common Core Standards
I'm looking for a reading program to help my students with the Common Core standards. The ideal program will help them deal with complex text and academic... read more

Can’t Wait for Reading Assessment Results. Need Help Now.
Our students have trouble with reading comprehension – reading stories and understanding what they're about...not just the younger kids but high school students and even the adults that I teach at a local college. My goal is to have some way to help them with their literacy skills instead of... read more

Writing help for boys needed
We just recently got our state writing tests back.... we noticed a very strange/sad thing. The 5th grade students that did not meet the writing standards were all BOYS! I am on a mission this year to figure out how to reach those boys and get them interested in writing! How can you help... read more

How to get boys reading?
What do you suggest I do to get my boys excited about reading? Our boys are scoring about 50% lower than our girls on the reading portion of our standardized tests, and I have been given the task of trying to get those scores up. Thank... read more

Motivating Boys in Reading
I have a few boys in my class that just don't like to read. They are decent readers. It's not that they can't read, they just dont want to or like to. Any tips on helping them like it more?... read more

Aspergers Reading Comprehension Help
My son has Aspergers but is having difficulties with Reading Comprehension. I am looking for a way to supplement his school work. His teacher isn't helping. Any suggestions are... read more

Reading Comprehension Assessment Needed
We are looking for a reading comprehension assessment software program to use when testing incoming 7th graders and transfer students. What do you have that can help us? Thank... read more

Read180 versus Merit Reading
We are currently using Read180. We are looking for alternatives. Read180 is too complicated for our staff. It also requires students to spend a lot of time on skills that do not seem directly relevant to impoving their comprehension. How does Merit Reading compare to... read more

Is there a online reading program for 5th graders?
Do you have an online reading program for 5th graders? I've seen other reading programs but most of them have childish graphics or are phonics programs which claim to teach... read more

Returning to College, Need Grammar Help
I took a leave of absence from college due to family circumstances. Before I return I would like to brush up on my grammar skills. How can you help... read more

Diascriptive Reading Alternative
For many years we had used a reading program called Diascriptive Reading. It no longer being updated by the company that made it. Do you have something similar we can use in its... read more

Freshman in college having difficulties with reading comprehension
My daughter is a freshman in college and she is having difficulties with her reading comprehension. She has to do a lot of reading and I want her to do... read more

I need help with my middle school class beginning reading skills
Hello, I am a teacher at a middle school teacher in New York and my students are struggling with their beginning reading skills, specifically reading comprehension. The class is below level and I wanted to know what I could do to help them perform better. With the new common core, I am worried... read more

Students are performing below level in middle school beginning reading
My students are really struggling to understand reading assignments. The assignments given are already below level and it is effecting their test scores. What do you offer that can help... read more

Students seem to learn reading better from interactive software
My students seem to retain lessons better from software programs and I am looking to put all my students on software for the upcoming school year. What is the best reading software you... read more

I need help teaching my students sentence completion and confidence in writing.
I am a teacher in Maryland and my students have trouble forming thoughts, creating coherent sentences and general writing confidence. In the past we have used a combination of workbooks and other techniques but nothing seems to work. Please let me know what suggestions you would make to... read more

I need help finding a solution that can let me reuse seats if students change classes.
Hello, I am head of the English department at a school in Texas. I am looking for a tool that can help my 5th graders become more proficient in their writing. We are looking to help out students excel and would appreciate any help we can get.... read more

My students are doing great with grammar but struggling with reading comprehension
My Students are struggling with reading comprehension but they are at level with their grammar. They mostly struggle with reading longer passages.... read more

Poor reading comprehension for my 5th grade students
My 5th grade students are reading poorly. They often do not understand the content they are reading even when they pronounce the words clearly. Can you help me with my... read more

My students have challenge learning reading skills, they are often below level.
My students, mostly 4th-6th grade, have trouble reading. I am worried that they are not going to be prepared to advance and I want to make sure they build the skills they need. What can I do to help my... read more

Below Average Reading Comprehension Scores - Need Help!
My students are struggling this year and they find the workbooks to be boring. I am looking for some other options that may keep them more engaged. Right now, the level of work is poor and I want to make sure that they understand the skills they need to move... read more

My son can't focus, he is struggling in school.
Hello, My son is a high functioning student that suffers from ADHD, in the past he has always been able to complete his work but with reading comprehension he seems to now be struggling. What types of software can we use to help him understand the material better? Thank... read more

Some of my 5th grade students grades are not good.
The majority of the class is completing assignments on time and at level but I have a few students that are challenged by the material in reading comprehension and grammar. What can I do to help them get... read more

How to Return to College with Bad Grades
I took some time off from college after getting bad grades. I want to try again but I don't have a lot of money. I am looking at ways to get ready for the reading and writing I'll need to do in college. Can you help me?... read more

Working with students with a wide range of reading levels
The reading levels in my class range from 4th to 11th grade. Our school has 60% English language learners. How can I challenge each of them at their own... read more

Online Reading Programs for Special Education
I am a special education teacher at the elementary level. My district is looking into buying some new online reading programs. The levels of the students vary, with a large portion of the students having autism. Any suggestions/recommendations would be very... read more

15 Year-Old Struggles with Reading Comprehension and Writing Essay Responses
My 15 year-old daughter takes essay writing and reading comprehension assessment tests that require her to read and then write an essay and answer questions abut what she read. She has a terrible time writing essays or essay answers, and getting what she wants to say from her head to her paper. She... read more

First Generation College Student Needs Writing Help
Hi, I am a first generation college student who needs help with my writing and reading inference/vocabulary skills. English is not my first language. How can you help... read more

Desperate for more reading help
Hi, I just got my 8th grade grandson from foster care. I was stunned to learn he reads at a 3rd grade level. He worked with a tutor for a little while, and it helped, but he needs further help. He tried some of your demos and liked them. He told me he didn't want me to watch him over his... read more

Looking for self-paced GED help
We run a GED program. Clients we serve have been out of school for a long time. We are seeing lots of deficits in basic skills. Math and writing are big problem areas. How can you... read more

Accuplacer Reading Help
Working with several students who need to retake the Accuplacer reading test at our college. Do you have practice materials we can use to help them? Must cover a wide range of content and reading... read more

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