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Merit Question and Answer
Seeking Writing Enhancements


Area of Concern: Process Writing

Submitted by: Teacher

Grade Level: High School

Competency: At Level

We are looking for ways to enhance our students’ writing skills. They need help across the board — developing ideas, providing supporting details, organizing thoughts, using proper language. We also need to have a basic measure of assessment. Can you help us?



Merit has helped many high schools improve their students’ writing skills. The best products for this purpose are Essay Punch and Grammar Fitness.

Essay Punch guides students step-by-step through the writing process. Students learn to writing persuasive, descriptive, and informative essays. All the while, writing is saved at various stages of development in an easy-to-use tracking system.

Grammar Fitness helps students master troublesome concepts in English grammar. Students receive immediate feedback while they work. Scores and progress are accessible to both students and teachers.

Good luck!

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