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Answers: Special Education

Need Software for ADHD child.
My child is in Special Education for Reading and Math. He has ADHD and learning problems. I am not happy with the summer school they want him to attend.(59 per class) That will not help him! He is going in 7th grade, reading at 4th grade level. Can you help? If so, what program do you... read more

Therapeutic Tool for Child With Traumatic Brain Injury
My son has a learning problem that results from him getting struck by a car. He acquired a traumatic brain injury. He can't seem to keep things stored in very long. He will learn a word this week and next week he wont remember how to spell it. And the same goes for other subjects. Can any of your... read more

Special need students can't write a complete paragraph.
I have a self-contained class of special need students in grades 3-5, all of my students can not write a complete paragraph, they must pass the state writing test this... read more

Adult dyslexic student reading at 4th grade level.
Male student, 42 years old, tested at reading 4th grade diagnosed with dyslexia, has never had any help, writing is also very... read more

What is the benefit of your products to my Special Education Students?
I am a Special Education Resource Teacher. I teach Reading and English to middle school students who are functioning anywhere from 0-3 levels below their grade level. They do retain better when they are involved in hands-on activities and those involving the use of the computer. What is the... read more

ADHD Students Learning Tools
My son has ADHD. He has a problem with auditory processing and attention. I don't see him getting better in reading or math. I need help. He reads high grade 3rd and is in 6th grade. What he does love and is great at, is videos and computers. Do you have anything for special education... read more

Cody is deaf and having trouble with grammar.
My son, Cody is deaf and since English is not his first language (ASL is) he is not able to write in proper English word order. Grammars are all mixed up. I'd like to help him improve in this... read more

Reading Comprehension Software for Autistic child.
My student is a very high functioning autistic fourth grader whose greatest difficulty is reading comprehension. I am home schooling and finding it increasingly difficult to meet his reading comprehension... read more

I am a speech pathologist and I work with LD, TBI and autistic children.
I am a speech pathologist and I work with LD, TBI and autistic children. They range in their abilities, from perceptual difficulties, to strict reading comprehension... read more

Students with MR have good word skills but cannot comprehend what they read.
I teach students with disabilities ranging from very mild learning disabilities to moderate mental retardation(MR). The students with MR have good sight word skills but cannot comprehend what they read. The students with learning disabilities can usually comprehend better but have... read more

My learning disabled student is two grade levels behind.
My student is classified as learning disabled. She is functioning about two grade levels behind. She tries very hard and she enjoys reading, but has difficulty with reading comprehension.She's in 10th... read more

Does your software complement Plato software?
My students are using Plato software to help them with reading comprehension. It seems to be working out fine, but they still need additional help. The problem is that our budget is fairly low this year,making plato software out of the question. Will your software complement the software that the... read more

Computer Reading Program Needed
I am looking for a computer component to my reading program that involves many at risk, special education readers who need to boost their skills. I am looking for things that they can read independently on the computer and then be tested on their comprehension, but includes vocabulary, grammar,... read more

auditory processing disorder
I home school my fourth grade son who has an auditory processing disorder. He is a strong phoenetic reader but struggles with comprehension. Because of this, we have him reading approximately 1 grade level behind. Would this program help him?... read more

Help Needed with RTI Tier 2 Students
My school is 90% free/red. lunch; our RTI pyramid is inverted. HUGE percentage is Tier 2. Can you help... read more

Reading Programs for Common Core Standards
I'm looking for a reading program to help my students with the Common Core standards. The ideal program will help them deal with complex text and academic... read more

Aspergers Reading Comprehension Help
My son has Aspergers but is having difficulties with Reading Comprehension. I am looking for a way to supplement his school work. His teacher isn't helping. Any suggestions are... read more

Diascriptive Reading Alternative
For many years we had used a reading program called Diascriptive Reading. It no longer being updated by the company that made it. Do you have something similar we can use in its... read more

Need CCSS writing grammar help
Working with EC kids who need common core writing and grammar help. I am applying for a grant to purchase software. How can you help... read more

Online Reading Programs for Special Education
I am a special education teacher at the elementary level. My district is looking into buying some new online reading programs. The levels of the students vary, with a large portion of the students having autism. Any suggestions/recommendations would be very... read more

15 Year-Old Struggles with Reading Comprehension and Writing Essay Responses
My 15 year-old daughter takes essay writing and reading comprehension assessment tests that require her to read and then write an essay and answer questions abut what she read. She has a terrible time writing essays or essay answers, and getting what she wants to say from her head to her paper. She... read more

Too Embarrassed to Go to Huntington Learning Center
My son is in 6th grade. Reading comprehension is a struggle. In the past, we have sent him to Huntington Learning Center to work with a tutor. Now he tells me he is too embarrassed to continue going. Can your online reading comprehension software be used by parents at home? Does a tutor need... read more

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