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Answers: Vocabulary

11th grader needs help with vocabulary
My son is an eleventh grader with a reading instructional level of 8th grade. Insufficient vocabulary. Looking for a lesson plan which incorporates vocabulary building and phonic awareness techniques.... read more

Therapeutic Tool for Child With Traumatic Brain Injury
My son has a learning problem that results from him getting struck by a car. He acquired a traumatic brain injury. He can't seem to keep things stored in very long. He will learn a word this week and next week he wont remember how to spell it. And the same goes for other subjects. Can any of your... read more

Eleven year old needs help with vocabulary, spelling and comprehension.
Reuben is eleven years old. We speak Afrikaans at home but he is in an English school. I would like to improve his vocabulary, spelling and... read more

New Immigrant Students Struggling with Reading
Although my students are in 7th grade class they have difficulties in reading properly and in understanding the new words even with so many examples. In fact, I am forced to switch to Arabic to make sure that they understand the meaning. Please do help me to encourage my students to read well... read more

Non-Native English Speakers with Vocabulary Problems
ESL students with Navajo influence. They have very limited vocabulary, poor comprehension and reading strategies and can't seem to apply skills learned from previous... read more

Adults with Poor Vocabulary
I'm 20 years old doing job and also stuffing in BCS. My vocabulary is very week.Please help in this... read more

ESL students read below grade level.
Many of my ESL students read below grade level. Although it is an issue of vocabulary, they still need work with basic word attack skills and comprehension skills.What can you... read more

Vocabulary and Reading programs for 4th and 5th graders.
Do you have any vocabulary and/or reading programs for 4th - 5th graders who are two years below grade level in their vocabulary and reading... read more

How can I improve my vocabulary and remember the words I learn?
Hi! I am a college student I came to the USA just one year. I have many problems with my vocabulary. I wonder how can I improve and remember the words that when you ever saw the words! Thank you!... read more

Looking for a Vocabulary software program to help my 10 year old improve her vocabulary.
I am looking for a software program to help my 10 year old improve her vocabulary. Can you please suggest which program would be best. ... read more

My son needs help with sixth grade reading and writing.
I have a 6th grader who is struggling with basic writing skills and vocabulary. I intend on obtaining a tutor but would like a computer program that would assist in these areas as well. Can you suggest the proper... read more

Vocabulary Software
Hi, I would like to purchase a vocabulary program for my daughter, who is going into 8th grade. She does read a lot, so her vocabulary isn't bad to begin with. I would like something that will provide enrichment. I was thinking of your "stretch" programs, but was hesitating between your 4-10... read more

Correcting Vocabulary in Adults
I am a 41 yrs old American man and would like to correct and stop myself from using improper... read more

English Language Learning Software Help
I am french and I moved in the US last december. I would like to improve my english (vocabulary and grammar). Please could you give me some add information about a program for... read more

Weak Vocabulary
I'm preparing for an m.b.a. and my English vocab is very weak. Can you send me some tips for learning vocabulary and exercises for... read more

Help improving English and Vocabulary
Sir / Madam In fact I am the Student. I have left school 15 years ago. I want to improve my English Language and Vocabulary. I am looking forward to have a better career. . I hope you would help me. Thanking... read more

Learning to Improve English Comprehension and Vocabulary
Learning to improve English comprehension and vocabulary, 16 years old. Quick... read more

At-risk, stuggling, students need vocabulary help
"At risk," struggling, students. African american males. Need help with... read more

Programs for adults with poor vocabulary and speaking skills.
My husband has very poor vocabulary and speaking skills. One would wonder that he ever graduated high school - double negatives, incorrect verbage. He was raised in California, but speaks as though he were a Redneck! Is there such a program that can change bad speaking... read more

Poor Engish vocabulary
Due to my poor English knowledge I cannot present myself to my full extent in an interview. That's why I am requesting you to help me with my... read more

Tutoring program to help with learning new words
Hello, please help me. I am learning English, and I have to learn so many new words. I don't have help, and I am looking for a program that can help me. A program that is like a tutor and that remembers what I need to learn. I need to learn the sound and spelling and meaning of the words. Most... read more

Need to advance English vocabulary skills
I am from Russia, and I need to advance my English skills, plus my vocabulary. I appreciate your program and I look forward to doing business with... read more

Help with Grammar for Succesful Student
My daughter is a bright girl but we are having trouble helping her with her... read more

Online Vocabulary Building Games Middle School
Hi, I'm looking for online vocabulary building games to use with middle school students. My students have a wide range of abilities, so I need something that I can use with as many of them as possible. I'd also like to track my students' progress as they work. What do you have that I can... read more

Online word games to improve English?
I am looking for some online word games to help my college ESL/EFL students practice using English. I have already found games like hangman, crossword puzzles, and other variations of word puzzles. I do not know how to describe what I am looking for other than to say "something else," that is... read more

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