Want to Relearn High School English


Area of Concern: Writing Process 

Submitted by: Self / Adult

Grade Level: High School

Competency: Below Level

Can this be used if I have already graduated from High school and just want to relearn? But have someone to grade my work?  I’m looking to better understand how to write at a college level. I have high functioning autism so learning English was never easy for me and I feel as if my school just gave up on me honestly.



Thank you for contacting Merit.  We’ve helped many people who have graduated from high school but want to relearn their English skills.   Our best program for this purpose is Essay Punch.

Essay Punch guides students through the writing process.   The program helps people organize their thoughts, and then helps them write clear, concise paragraphs and essays.   All work is stored on our server, so if necessary, we can examine and comment upon your work.   We don’t have formal review process, but we are happy to do it for customers on an as needed basis.

Want to Relearn High School English
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