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Answers: Writing Mechanics & Grammar

Need to improve my writing and speaking skills
I'm an foreign-speaking engineering student planning on attending a M.S. program and need to improve my writing and speaking skills. What writing software do you... read more

Special need students can't write a complete paragraph.
I have a self-contained class of special need students in grades 3-5, all of my students can not write a complete paragraph, they must pass the state writing test this... read more

High School Writing help needed!
Need some exercises to help me with basic grammar to help increase my writing skills. We are doing a review this year and I have forgotten some of the basic rules of... read more

Need Grammar Software for 7th and 8th Grade Students
7th and 8th grade students...various learning styles and abilities...I would like to use hands-on, interest grabbing activities to teach grammar and mechanics. Do you have any grammar and writing software that could work for them?... read more

Bilingual Students need English Learning Help
Group of young eager boys whose mother tongue and the language spoken at home is not English. They will be first generation speakers. They do not read other than the text. I am searching for something that can stimulate their language skills. i.e.grammatical and creative writing. I have given them... read more

Writing mechanics help desperately wanted!
Problems with following through on writing strategies with appropriate use of syntax, grammar, and sometimes, punctuation. They need reinforcement on how and why to use certain verb tenses and how to differentiate between complex and compound/complex sentences. They need to understand that proper... read more

Students use of punctuation is terrible, please help
My students are reasonably good with their reading and writing skills, however the use of punctuation is terrible and sometimes non-existent.... A couple of the students are writing below their grade level, and don't seem to be improving at... read more

Looking for alternative to text books to motivate troubled teens.
I teach troubled teens who are at or below grade average. They are 6-12 and I am looking for alternatives to text books to teach them. Any help would be appreciated.... read more

Firm based out of India - need grammar software for adults.
I am working as a Training Consultant with a Firm based out of India. We train BPO's on communications and effective articulation. We generally face a problem with rocky grammar. Would like to know if your product can help... read more

I'm studying english in Brazil - What programs can you recommend?
I'm studying english in Brazil.Could you recommend any downloadable programs to improve my... read more

New Center for Adult Reading and Writing - Which products do you recommend?
Hello. I am one of the founders of a new adult literacy center. The main purpose of our center is to take adults who have been out of the workforce and help them become employable again. Which of your products would you recommend for... read more

ESL Students Langugage skills
I'm a ESL student from Brazil and I need to improve for college.I take english for 2 years but still need more help. Do you have any english exercises that can help me, in your product? thank you in this matter. ... read more

English Grammar Tutor for Daughter
Hi. My daughter just came from Spain to live with me in my NJ home. She will be going into 7th grade in September and although the education system is very advanced in Spain, her English is still pretty poor. She knows to read and write basics but needs a lot of help especially with grammar. What... read more

Looking for TOEFL Help with Grammar and Comprehension
I am looking for TOEFL help with grammar and comprehensive for TOEFL. can u suggest something... read more

Does your software complement Plato software?
My students are using Plato software to help them with reading comprehension. It seems to be working out fine, but they still need additional help. The problem is that our budget is fairly low this year,making plato software out of the question. Will your software complement the software that the... read more

Leap Test is coming up and my 8th graders aren't ready.
My students are 8th grade. Some of them are 8.5 students who did not pass my state's testing requirement. for Louisiana, it is the Leap Test. We are now taking practice test for this Leap Test that is coming in March. As I work with my students, I am discovering that they don't know basic... read more

Software for the deaf

English Writing Help for Adults
I am looking for help with my english writing. Paragraphs and essays are... read more

College Writing Educational Software
I am a community college student. This is my third semester attending college. I need help with my writing... read more

Need to Improve My Grammar Skills
I am writing to find a way to improve my writing and grammmar... read more

Essay Writing Help for ESL and Struggling Students
I need to write an essay about how we should not be allowed to own guns, but I am having trouble. Can you... read more

7th grade grammar help
7th grader who is having trouble with proper grammar. We've tried workbooks and tutors. Nothing helps. Any... read more

Software for Professional Writing.
My student wishes to perform analysis type work for the government. There's a need to quickly compose tightly written paragraphs free from such things as preposition & article misuse. Even with years of self study and occasional evening college courses, the student's problem areas persist, much... read more

Help with writing
Need help with... read more

Need help writing a narrative essay.
Help! Need help writing an narrating essay! Topic! about arrange marriage.... read more

Writer lacks basic grammar skills
I'm a writer and need to go back to the basics of grammar. I've been out of school for a while, and I need to refresh my... read more

Program to help adult learn basic grammar
I'm an adult and my grammar is below college level. I feel I need to start from the beginning (maybe 3rd thru 12th grade). I have trouble with the basics: nouns, pronouns, verbs. I also have trouble using them in a sentence,... read more

Help writing a paragraph
I need help with doing a paragraph for school. My English is not very good. Can you help... read more

Essay writing and run-on sentences help
I am a college students and having problem with essay and runon... read more

Grammar and writing -- please help!!
I am very lost when it comes to grammar and writing. Its just seems that I can't get it together or make any sense when it comes to grammar and therefore my writing is awful!! Please... read more

Grammar help for adults.
I'm currently connected with the government agency, and at the same time as a part time educator. I'm always reluctant to express my idea to my peers because of fear of being rediculed because of wrong grammar.... read more

I would like to learn more english
I am over 18 years old and I would like to learn more english ... read more

I want a grammar refresher course and I am a college graduate
I dont' have students ... this is for myself. I want a grammar refresher course and I am a college... read more

i need help with my essay
I need help with my... read more

Need help with spelling
I would like to know about programs to help me improve my... read more

Below Level Student Needs Help With Writing
Twelfth graders most of whom are slightly below to several grades below grade level in writing competency. Those who do express an aspiration plan on attending community college after high... read more

My daughter writes run-on sentences
My daughter can form a sentence, but her sentence are to long. She don't quite know how to put her thoughts on paper. She has difficulty structuring the beginning, the middle and the conclusion when she writes. Sometime she is all over the page with her... read more

12 year old with ADD
12 yr old with ADD. Cannot focus for very long and often misses the directions of the reading/writing required. Cannot keep up with the reading assignments and has very poor spelling habits. She cannot remember the rules etc. She wants to write like she... read more

College writing prompts
I attend college, and want to be a teacher. At the present moment, I'm taking intro to essay writing. It is very hard for me to do a thesis statement. I understand what needs to be done, but I can't put all the ideas... read more

Adult student wants to start with basic writing and grammar lessons
I want to improve my writing, and english grammar skills. English is the only language I speak, and I want to have a better understanding of the language. I find myself using improper grammar. I also want to understand the proper way to write a sentence. Basically, I want to start all over as... read more

Community college student is struggling with essay writing
I am in community college and I am struggling with writing a paper. I need a lot of help with my essay writing. Please... read more

Tutorial to improve writing and grammar
I am a college graduate student. However, I need to improve my english grammar such as pas, present and future tense. I need to be able to organize better my ideas in a clear and consice manner. I am an accountant. I need a tutorial to improve my writting. Thanks for any... read more

Struggling with Paragraph Writing
Struggling with paragraph writing and remembering the definitions of prepositions verbs... read more

Phrasal Verb Exercises
I am looking for good phrasal verb exercises for my students that they can use independently on a computer. Can you help... read more

GED Essay Help
He is 19 years old, and is trying to get his GED . Michael has tried three times last year and failed the essay part of the... read more

Brushing up on grammar skills
I am the student I am 44 years old and have always worked in accounting. I need to brush up my grammar... read more

I'm having problems writing a good essay.
I 'm having problems writing a good essay paper and a good paragraphs. I have alot of awkward sentences and run-on error in my paragraphs. Is there any... read more

English second language student needs grammar help
I am an English a scond language stiudent. I need grammar and writing... read more

6th grade writing help
My daughter & son are in the sixth grade. Both of them get a lot of writing assignments. They both need help in... read more

Writing a good essay
I've been studying English for two years. I would like to be able to write a good... read more

Writing complete sentences with correct punctuation
slow in writing complete sentences with correct punctuation and... read more

Researching product to improve my grammar
I am not a student. I am researching product that will help me inprove my... read more

Writing an essay for the GED
I am going to take the ged test and ned to lern how to right an essay I am the... read more

Improving college writing skills
I'm going to go college soon. I need to improve my English writing so feel comfitable in class and get good... read more

Writing for the learning disabled
To whom this may concern: Hello, I am 55 years old and have a learning disability. I lack of reading and writing education and have trouble knowing when to start new paragraphs. Do you have software that can help improve my writing... read more

How to start to write an essay
I don't know how to start to write an essay. Please help... read more

Extra grammar help
My son needs extra help in grammar. We know he likes technology instead of books. Do you have a way for him to practice his... read more

Online TOEFL essay writing practice
I'm searching for online toefl essay writing practice so that I can improve in areas where ever I am supposed to.... read more

Community college grammar help
I graduate from Community College in May and I have struggled with grammar in my college and worklife. Though my professors tell me I write good papers, I know I have a problem with grammar. Do you have software that can possibly help me improve my grammar? ... read more

English Skills for University
I want to apply for University, so it requires my English skill especially in writing. That is the reason that I want to improve my... read more

How to write a correct paragraph
I need to know how to write a correct paragraph with only 35 words. ... read more

Help writing an essay
I need help with my writing an essay. Any suggestions or... read more

Nervous about writing test
I am registered to start some writing courses in college. I have a grammar program and a spell checker in my own computer. Before I start my courses I am supposed to write an english assessment test, so that they can decide at what level of communications I will be placed. Before I take this test I... read more

Help with writing class
adult continuing education and taking a writing class... read more

Smart, but below grade level
15 yr old, male, smart, well below grade level. Needs help with writing... read more

Lacking ability to write English efficiently
University students who lack the ability to write in English efficiently. Their native language is Arabic. Some of them had a preliminary course in writing... read more

I am looking for ESL TOEFL Prep help. Can you help... read more

GED writing help
I took my GED test, and I passed everything except the writing part. How can you help me or what do you... read more

Improve English grammar
I would like to improve on my English grammar. Can your programs be used by people who are self-learners and who are not in... read more

Adult High School grammar help
I am a student learning in an adult high school. I need to improve my English grammar... read more

Returning to college- writing a short essay
I am a middle aged person, who has returned to college. There is an accuplacer test that is required before registering for the nursing program. the test consist of writing a short essay and 20 reading skills sample questions. Please give me some advice as how to sucessfully pass this type of... read more

Remedial Developmental Students at Basic College
I am working with basic developmental and developmental remedial students at a... read more

12th graders having difficulties with grammar
I teach 12th graders and they are having difficulties with grammar.... read more

Underprivileged high school kids need help with writing and grammar
I teach rural, underprivileged high school kids. My students are having a few issues with writing and... read more

He is having trouble with starting the essay and organizing his ideas
My son is going to take the GED exam and it is required to write a short essay. He is having trouble with starting the essay and organizing his ideas. ... read more

Excelling Students Educational Grammar Software
Students identified as gifted and talented, but their writing, composition, grammar needs polishing. Any... read more

Practice Software for Writing
My child needs help with writing skills. I'm looking for some way to give him interactive... read more

English Learning Software
I need something to help me learn English better. I can speak and listen okay. Most of the help I need is with grammar and writing. Can your English learning software help... read more

English Learning Software Interactive
Does your interactive English learning software teach someone how to become better at English writing and grammar? Or, does it tell a user when a sentence they have written was not done correctly? I need something interactive that will help me with grammar and writing. Can your English learning... read more

Interactive online English grammar exercises for students?
Do you have interactive online English exercises to help me improve my... read more

Interactive English Grammar Exercises for Beginners
Do you have any interactive English grammar exercises for beginning English language... read more

Interactive Grammar Exercises for Adults
Do you have any interactive English grammar exercises for adult... read more

Grammar Learning Tools for Middle School
Looking for interactive, English grammar exercises for my 6th grade... read more

English Grammar Online Software for Arabic Students
I live in the UAE. I need English grammar online help. Can you help... read more

Online Begginer English Software
Hi, do you have Beginners English online resources?... read more

Advanced ESL Grammar Activities
I'm looking for some advanced ESL grammar activities. Can you help... read more

ESL Intermediate grammar suggestion
Hi, I am looking for a way to teach grammar not to children, but to adults. Can you help me?... read more

Sentence Structure Software
I am looking for ways to help my students improve their sentence and writing structure. Is there a place online that might be able to help me with... read more

Improving My Sentence Structure
I speak English fluently, but of course I can't write as well as a native English speaker. As for most foreigners, my sentence structure is sometimes quite bad, but this is difficult for me to realize. Do you have any advice for improving my sentence structure? Are there any typical... read more

Need Grammar Games!
I am new to teaching and still trying to get the swing of things. I know that not everything about learning a language can be fun, but I try to stick to the motto learning is fun! I am looking for more games to play in my classes, specifically toward studying English grammar. Any... read more

English for natives
I'm a non-native English teacher and what I do every day is explain English grammar & vocabulary and correct my students' mistakes. As I've been doing it for several years, I know typical mistakes that people of my language can make. But unfortunately, I know nothing about typical mistakes that... read more

Looking at web-based writing and grammar programs
We're looking at some web-based student-driven programs to increase skills in all areas, especially writing and grammar. I would like to present this to my School Improvement Team as an idea we can look into for next school year. We are also trying to find ways to include Response to... read more

Grammar Games for Adults
I am looking for grammar games specifically for adults. Any... read more

Grammar Review Software for Middle School
I am looking for an app or a software that will help my students review the parts of speech. Tracking and/or diagnostic is a... read more

How to write a beginning paragraph
I don't get how to write a beginning... read more

I need some help with my students - Grammar Skills are Poor
What can I do to help my students become more proficient with their grammar skills? They are middle school students that are currently performing below... read more

Grammar Software for Homeschool
I homeschool and I'm looking for grammar software for my son. I also want a way to track his progress. Can you help... read more

Need CCSS writing grammar help
Working with EC kids who need common core writing and grammar help. I am applying for a grant to purchase software. How can you help... read more

Blended Learning for Elementary Classroom
Working with 4th-5th graders who need writing and grammar help. Ideally, I'd like a blended learning solution where the kids can work both at home and at school. How can you help... read more

How to Help Returning Students Write Better
I'm 30 years old and returning to school. I need to write better. How can you help... read more

30 Something Student Going Back to College
Hi, I am a 30 something student going back to college. I am concerned the amount of reading and writing required to succeed will be a shock to the system. How can you help me... read more

Looking for Writing Mechanics Help
Looking for writing mechanics material for secondary school students with a wide range of abilities. How can you help... read more

Latino College Success
Looking for ways to improve Latino success in college. Need to boost students English writing and grammar... read more

Need Better Way to Boost College Writing Skills
Many of my students are Hispanic and are among the first in their families to go to college. Plus, over 20% of the class are students from either the Middle East or China. Our college is looking for a better way to improve first year writing skills. We want a tool that students can use... read more

Accuplacer Sentence Skills and Essay Writing Practice
We are dealing with many students who have trouble passing the Accuplacer sentence skills and essay writing tests. We want to provide a useful way students can practice their skills. Can you help... read more

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