Pilot Program

Merit Software Pilot Program

The Merit Online Pilot program provides organizations with the opportunity to access Merit’s web-based programs prior to a purchase decision or in anticipation of future funding.

The pilot program ensures that educators observe firsthand students’ experience with Merit’s engaging and effective activities and exercises.

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What types of students can use Merit Online effectively?

Merit English Language Arts programs are series of applications that are extremely helpful for students in upper elementary grades and most students in middle schools, high schools, and college and career prep programs.

Merit has been used successfully with many types of students, including English language learners, special needs, alternative education, and general education students who need extra support.

Is there training? How many teachers may we train?

Even though Merit Online is easy to use, training is recommended so that staff members learn how to monitor students. We will train as many instructors as necessary for proper use of the program.

Is there a cost for training?


Is there a cost for the software?

There is no cost for use of the software during the evaluation.

How do we place students? Is there a placement program?

Merit Online programs are divided into different levels based on reading and/or grade level. The input you provide to your Merit consultant will help determine suitable starting levels of challenge. All work is tracked, so students may advance as they demonstrate readiness.

What can we expect with the pilot?

Students and teachers will have their own Merit Online learning account. The student accounts have access to the learning activities. The teacher accounts have access to student reports.

It is recommended the students use Merit for a minimum of 2 sessions of 30 to 45 minutes per session. Consistent use and regular monitoring are the keys to a successful pilot. Your Merit consultant can monitor usage and assist as necessary, especially as you start to utilize reports and monitor student progress.

What happens at the end of the pilot?

At the end of the pilot we review overall usage and results with administration and key staff. The account may remain active until the school is able to invest in the appropriate Merit solution for their students.

What is expected of the school and the teachers?

It is expected that teachers will make a concerted effort to have students use the program consistently and for adequate amounts of time so that they benefit from the instruction and practice activities for all of the activities for at least one level. It is very beneficial for teachers to understand how to find and create reports.

Do we need to complete a survey, or do we get an evaluation at the end?

No survey is required, but we like to review reports of student, class, and school performance and to gather feedback from staff.

If we decide to invest in Merit Online, how is cost determined?

A key element of the pilot is to help determine the number and type of licenses required for optimum, cost-effective use. We will tailor a proposal appropriate to your site or program.

Do we need a server?

No. Merit Online is hosted by Merit Software and does not require a server.

What type of computer do we need?

Merit Online is platform independent. Any computer with Internet access is sufficient.

Who sets up the pilot?

Merit Software will set up each organization’s pilot account.

How long does the pilot program run?

A pilot will normally run for two (2) weeks. Longer periods will be considered upon request, based on usage and commitment to funding the program.

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