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Live Demo FAQs

What is a live demonstration?
You will be able to view Merit Software programs over the Internet. You will see every mouse movement by the presenter through your web browser. With your own keyboard, monitor, and mouse, you will even be able to use the software from your own office.

What do I need?
To get started, all you need is a phone and a computer with
access to the Internet.

How does it work?
Once you have signed up for a session, we will contact you
to discuss the areas of interest you have with Merit Software
Products and arrange a mutually convenient date and time for
the live demonstration. We will then call you on that date
and to show you our products. The demonstration is informal.
You will be able to ask any question at any time.

Can my colleagues participate too?
If you want co-workers to join you, you will also need a speakerphone
and a projector.

What will I learn?
By participating in the demonstration you will learn about
our products, how they work, how you can manage your information
with our products.

Is there a charge for the online demonstration?
This is a free service.

How long does a web session take?
Typical live demonstrations take between 30 minutes to 45
minutes although schedules are flexible.

How do I schedule a Personal Walkthrough?
You can either sign up online or call 800-753-6488,
Monday – Friday, 9:00am -5:00pm Eastern Time to schedule
a convenient time.