GED Prep Bundle
Covers the key problem areas on the GED exam.

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Helps students complete the requirements for the General
Education Development (GED) exam.

The programs contain a wide variety of interactive learning
that have been effective in mastering skills
relevant to GED success.

The bundle will familiarize students with the type of content
they will see on the exam. Lessons are self-paced and

Student scores are tracked in a record management system that allows instructors and students to view results and print

“Students really like the clues and the feedback.”
– Adult Literacy Center, Bristol, NH


Reasoning through Language Arts – Reading
Concepts covered:

  • Understand a range of increasingly complex texts with an emphasis on non-fiction
  • Distinguish between valid arguments and faulty reasoning
  • Differentiate between supported and unsupported claims
  • Identify inferences based on assumptions made by the author
  • Determine what is explicitly stated
  • Make logical inferences based on evidence
  • Draw inferences about characters

Reasoning through Language Arts – Writing
Concepts covered include:

  • Formulate arguments
  • Analyze issues
  • Integrate claims, explanations, and textual evidence
  • Connection of purpose to prompt
  • Elaborate upon ideas
  • Connect details to main ideas
  • Use transitional devices
  • Display appropriate word choices and vocabulary application
  • Demonstrate awareness of audience and purpose
  • Use rhetorical strategies for persuasion
  • Apply standard English conventions
  • Demonstrate text comprehension

Reasoning through Language Arts – Language
Concepts covered include:

  • Demonstrate command of standard English grammar
  • Recognize the errors in the responses that are not correct
  • Edit to eliminate run-on sentences, fused sentences, or sentence fragments
  • Determine meanings of unfamiliar words from context

Science and Social Studies
Concepts covered include:

  • Read complex text
  • Identify precise details
  • Determine cause and effect
  • Identify evidence within the text that supports inferences and enables students to draw conclusions
  • Understand science content

Mathematics: Computation and Problem-Solving Skills to Mathematical Reasoning
Concepts covered include:

  • Practice the basics of algebra
  • Work with formulas
  • Use operations with integers
  • Simplify expressions
  • Solve multi-step equations
  • Apply algebra to solve word problems
  • Break down word problems into steps
  • Relate word problem language to math
  • Use key words to choose operations and set up equations
  • Work with real life word problems
  • Interpret information from graphs
  • Analyze data tables
  • Use ratios, proportions, and scales

All versions of this Merit Software Windows 2000/2003/XP program require 8 MB RAM and
32 MB hard disk space. This program requires a minimum screen resolution of 800 by 600 pixels.




Intermediate Skills Pack – Complete Curriculum
Intermediate skills software that works!
Basic Skills Pack – Complete Curriculum
Basic skills software that works!

What’s Included

GED Prep Bundle consists of the following titles:

Reasoning through Language Arts – Reading

  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Upper Grades, Sets 3 and 4
    Helps students improve reading comprehension.
  • Reading
    Strategies For Career Success, Sets 1 and 2
    Sharpens students ability to understand and interpret career related materials.

Reasoning through Language Arts – Writing

  • Essay Punch
    Takes students through the steps of writing an essay.
  • Writing For Business
    Guides students in writing effective paragraphs useful in the business world.

Reasoning through Language Arts – Language

  • Grammar Fitness, Set 2
    Helps students master troublesome points of grammar.
  • Grammar Fitness For Upper Grades, Set 3
    Helps students master more challenging points of grammar.

Mathematics: Computation and Problem-Solving Skills to Mathematical Reasoning

  • Basic Algebra Shape-Up, Sets 1 and 2
    Hands-on tutorials that cover integers, expressions, equations, and more.
  • Word Problem Shape-Up, Sets 2 and 3
    Teaches students how to solve fraction, decimal, and percent word problems.

Science and Social Studies

  • Science Reading for College Prep
    Sharpens students ability to interpret science texts.
  • Social Studies Reading for College Prep
    Sharpens students ability to interpret social studies texts.

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