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Common Core Standards: English Language Arts

Common Core EnglishMerit Software products are trusted resources, used by colleges and K12 schools, for improving students’ reading and writing skills.

The Common Core Standards for English Language Arts cover many concepts that are a part of the Merit
Software curricula.

Merit has a strong record of helping instructors improve student reading comprehension and writing skills. Merit programs have been rigorously researched. They have been shown to help struggling students improve their test scores.

glyphicons_364_cloud_downloadClick here to download Merit’s Common Core Standards Alignment PDF.

Merit works because it covers a wide span of skill levels and breaks core concepts down into
understandable parts for students. The programs also contain easy-to-digest progress monitoring tools for

Self-esteem and self-confidence grow in struggling students when using Merit. They are empowered by
seeing the impact of their actions and gain confidence as they advance their skills.

The company has over 25 years of experience helping students in a variety of educational settings prepare
for career and college success.


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