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Common Core Standards: Writing

Common Core Writing
glyphicons_364_cloud_downloadClick here to download Merit's Common Core Standards Alignment PDF.

The Common Core Standards require students to learn to write narrative, informative, and argumentative paragraphs and essays. Pupils need to master increasingly sophisticated writing skills, incorporating the correct use of grammar.

Fortunately, teaching with Merit's grammar and writing software is a well-established method to accomplish this task. The programs cover a wide range of skills and break core concepts down into understandable parts for learners.

Merit's Grammar Fitness helps students understand troublesome points of grammar while tracking progress in an easy-to-use reporting system.

The "Punch" writing programs guide students step-by-step through the writing process. Built-in prompts help students organize ideas into complete, concise works, and, in the process, promote self-editing and peer review.


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