Who Merit Helps

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Who It Helps

Merit helps a wide range of students master a variety of core skill areas. Some of the types of students that we help are listed below:

Elementary and Secondary Schools
Students apply language arts and math skills as they learn. They develop their critical thinking skills and overall ability to grasp difficult concepts and analyze information across subject areas.

Special Needs
Context-based instruction helps special education students overcome their difficulties with comprehension, problem solving, organizing, and communication skills.

Adult and Continuing Education
Merit covers the essential skills that returning students have forgotten, or never really mastered in the past. Self-paced and self-advancing lessons help students get to the right level quickly.

English Language Learners
English grammar, writing, and vocabulary are taught and explained in an easy-to-learn fashion.

Communication and analytical skills are improved by using Merit as part of job training programs.

Further Information:

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