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Why Teachers Love Merit Software

In-depth Instruction
Merit covers the vital curriculum areas that students must know to succeed. The programs provide an integrated environment that enables students to apply skills while they are learning. Skills developed using the software transfer over to other areas of academic performance.

Intensive Concentration
When students encounter areas of diffi culty, they can choose to access several forms of assistance. Explanations, tips, examples, and options to retry skills maximize learning opportunities.

Personalized Feedback
Context-sensitive tips and non-judgmental delivery of instruction make it easier for students to accept responsibility for their weaknesses and build their self-confi dence as learners.

Automatic Scoring
Built-in assessments place students at an appropriate level. Post-tests validate accomplishments. Easy-to-use tracking of student data enhances communication between teachers and students.

Multi-Sensory Support
Questions, answers, tips and explanations can all be spoken aloud to students while they work. Hearing the spoken words of the exercises provides another way to reach students.

Helps Improve Standardized Test Scores
Research conducted on Merit products demonstrated that their use in an everyday classroom led to gains in standardized test scores. Additionally, curriculum objectives for most U.S. states have been posted on our web site.

Age-Appropriate Content
Users of Merit programs span a wide range of grade levels and educational settings. The content and graphics of our programs are designed to maintain the interest of students without being juvenile.

Free Technical Support
Our software won’t be eff ective if you don’t feel comfortable using it. We provide a toll-free 800 number and free e-mail support. Merit specialists ensure that you receive the support services necessary for your success.

Try Before You Buy
We offer teachers free evaluation versions of all our software by download from our web site or on CD. The evaluation software contains full-working exercises of all Merit programs.

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