Why This is Different

Why This Is Different

Why This Is Different

As you might expect, many educational technology providers make very strong claims about what you can accomplish with their products. Certainly, other publishers have incorporated some of the same elements that can be found in Merit programs.

However, it is the way these techniques are implemented that makes Merit one of the most powerful and useful learning tools available to teachers, tutors, parents and students today.

Part 1: Merit’s impact on teachers, tutors and students is unique

It improves students’ ability to think clearly.
Essential concepts in reading, writing and math are broken down into manageable parts and students apply skills as they learn them. The combination of these techniques develops their ability to synthesize information and make inferences.

It builds students’ confidence as learners.
The software provides personal feedback, multiple methods of instruction and automatic scoring. This enables students to see the impact of their actions and accept responsibility for improving their skills.


It fits easily into almost any teaching style.
Most teachers and tutors who use Merit were already doing good work before starting with the software — they just wanted to make their efforts more successful. It is not a pre-set curriculum.

Part 2: The evidence shows that Merit works

It has been the subject of rigorous scientific-based research.
Independent analysts have performed control versus treatment group studies to evaluate Merit for its effectiveness as an instructional supplement.

It does not take long to get results.
The software is effective and efficient. Research has shown that significant gains in student achievement can be attained after a relatively short time period. In one study, it took only 6 hours of use over four weeks to see improvements.

It has a lasting effect.
The most detailed research conducted on Merit has shown that gains in student achievement continue when teaching with it two years in a row.

It affects students’ overall academic performance.
The research also shows that the skills developed by using Merit transfer to other essential academic areas.

Part 3: Merit’s way of doing business is different

It is affordable.
Educational organizations generally operate on limited budgets. That is why teachers and tutors are offered a variety of options for using Merit on multiple computers. Schools are also welcome to purchase reasonably priced Home versions for individual pupils.

It can be sampled before making a commitment.
Free, full-working samples of the exercises in Merit programs are available by download from our website.

Merit is a partner in learning.
Educators use Merit to make their lives easier. To ensure success Merit specialists are available to answer any curriculum, implementation or technical questions by phone or email.

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