2017 Essay Writing Contest Winner

A Memorable Experience

Life is always filled with tragedies. Someone close to you will pass away leaving behind memories that you will always remember. These can be family members or friends. For me, my first tragedy that has had an affect was the time when a class mate passed away.

Every tragedy has specific details that often outline what, who and where. The whole cohort was gathered in a meeting hall where our headmaster presented the news. Everyone was quiet aside from the sound of muffled tears throughout the hall. The sadness could be felt quite heavily. People gathered in their own groups to talk it out.

It was important because it would allow me to develop as a person and it would change how I viewed my class mates. Gregor, the class mate, passed away and caused grief throughout the school. We would no longer be able to see him and these events allowed me to develop. He was in everyone’s mind that day.

A tragedy always has an affect on other. It negatively affected the whole cohort because it caused everybody to be sad. It also caused anger in me because I though it was unfair how a young life could be taken away like that. These are just some of the effects.

Just like me, if you haven’t experienced a tragedy yet then you will eventually. They will affect you in a way you wouldn’t have been able to experience before it. So one day you will experience an event like this.

Written by Matthew Chiem, grade 9 student attending Ormiston College, Ormiston, QLD, Australia using Essay Punch.

2017 Essay Writing Contest Winner

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