Accuplacer Prep Recommendations

The United States needs to increase the number of college graduates.  However, far too many students start college and do not finish.

Colleges rely on Accuplacer test results to know if new students are ready for college level work.   Providing practice for Accuplacer tests is important.  There is no reason for students to take credit courses if they aren’t ready for the workload.  Conversely, it is very expensive for students if they are needlessly placed in remedial courses.

Recently, we have received several inquiries from colleges looking for Accuplacer test help for Essay Writing, Sentence Skills, and Reading Comprehension.

Merit is ideal for helping students prepare for Accuplacer tests.   Merit programs cover a large span of skill levels with content designed for older users. Students receive built-in hints and tips while they work and advance as they demonstrate readiness. All the while learner progress is automatically tracked in an easy-to-use management console.

Recommended Merit programs for Accuplacer practice are:

Essay Punch
Grammar Fitness Advanced
Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Effective Reading for Upper Grades

Accuplacer Prep Recommendations

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