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College Readiness Concerns

Concerns about the ability of today’s  U.S. high school graduates to fill skilled jobs and compete in the global marketplace have been raised again due to the 2013 results on the country’s most widely used college entrance exams.

In a recent report, the College Board says only 43 percent of high school seniors who took the SAT in 2013 earned  a score that indicates they will succeed in their first year of college.

Last month, ACT of Iowa found that only 26 percent of 2013 high school graduates  achieved college readiness scores in the four subjects its college admissions tests cover:  English, reading, math, and science. That’s up only 1 percent from last year.  “As a nation, we must set ambitious goals and take strong action to address this consistent problem” said ACT CEO, Jon Whitemore.

This is where Merit Software fits in.

Merit covers a wide range of reading and writing skills. The software is self-paced and adaptive.  Students advance as they demonstrate readiness.

Merit provides immediate instruction feedback, and built-in scoring features for  teachers  and  students.

The Complete English Web Suite provides access to a wide range of Merit online reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and grammar programs that develop critical thinking and academic skills.